जानिए FRANCE भारत से आधी दाम दे कर DASSAULT से 28 RAFALE खरीदने क्या हे सच ? CONGRESS EXPOSED


ASHISH NAYAK(जानिए कैसे CONGRESS RAFALE DEAL को SCAM बताकर INDIAN ARMY को कमजोर कर रही हे?)Нове

France to deploy 80,000 police as yellow vest protests continue | ITV News


French authorities are preparing to deploy around 80000 police officers across the country on Saturday ahead of a ninth straight ...

Yellow Vests, round 10: Thousands clash with police on streets of Paris


YellowVests #GiletsJaunes #Paris A tenth consecutive Saturday of Yellow Vest protests have taken place nationwide in France ...Нове

Paris Braces For Riots As Protests Sweep France | TODAY


The city of Paris is shutting down in anticipation of whats expected to be another violent weekend of riots. Protesters are taking to ...Субтитри

France AWAKENS 2019: Weaponized Bank Runs Incoming


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Yellow Vests protest in Paris, Act 10


LesGiletsJaunes #YellowVests #YellowVest RT LIVE  ...Нове

Radamel Falcao But - Monaco vs Metz 1-1 (Coupe de France) 22/01/2019


Radamel Falcao But - Monaco vs Metz 1-1 (Coupe de France) 22/01/2019 Radamel Falcao But - Monaco vs Metz 1-1 (Coupe de ...Нове

From Yellow Vests to Red Pens: France braces for 10th consecutive weekend of protests


France is bracing for a tenth consecutive weekend of Yellow vests demonstrations. French teachers have also been joining the ...Нове

101 Facts About France


Bonjour mother factors! Today were headed to the country that boasts La Ville Des Lumières, and has more cheese and wine ...

France fuel protests: Tear gas fired in clashes in Paris - BBC News


Police and protesters have clashed in Paris ahead of a third weekend of mass demonstrations sparked by rising fuel ...

🇫🇷 France: Macron launches public debate on protests | Al Jazeera English


The French president has launched a national citizens’ debate in a bid to quell the yellow vest protests that have taken place ...

France: Clashes hit Paris as ‘Yellow Vests protest for eighth straight week


Subscribe to our channel! broke out between police and protesters as demonstrators ...

protesters clash with police in France during 10th week of protests


protesters clashed with police once more in Paris and Nantes, France on Saturday as thousands took to the streets ...Нове

France’s Yellow Vest Protesters Just Won Against Macron (HBO)


According to local media in France, Macrons government announced a moratorium on the hike in fuel prices today. The U-turn ...

Whats Yellow Vest movement?


In France, the Yellow Vest movement is entering its second month of nationwide protests. It began after a fuel-tax was ...

LIVE: ‘Yellow Vest’ protests hit Paris for the tenth week in a row


Subscribe to our channel! protesters are demonstrating in Paris on Saturday, January 19 for the ...Нове

10 Best Places to Visit in France - Travel Video


For more than two decades, France has reigned as the worlds most popular tourist destination, receiving 82 million foreign ...Субтитри

Who Are Frances Yellow Vest Protesters? (Les Gilets Jaunes)? | NowThis World


Since November, thousands of protesters called “Les Gilets Jaunes” or “the yellow vests” have hit the streets of France ...Субтитри