Syrian Rebel Fail Compilation

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#شيخ الإسلام ابو الحارث
Free Syria..... Asd is killer 👍 👍
18/ 11/2018
فكيش 😂😂😂😂
4th Tactical
I absolutely cannot get over the truck hitting the motorcycle. 😂
500 Subscribers with no videos?
I wonder how did the person who was recording survived
1:10 😂😂😂😂
Adam French
1:55 'You are destroying my grandmothers flowers!
Amk arapları kalleş köpekler \nOrosbu çocukları
Aj Erally
Jesus, now i understand why the war is still not over
Anabolic Steroid
Anonymous Russia
0:12 you can clearly tell that they embrace death easily. He thought the guy fell because he was shot dead, and was going to say Allahu Akabar, but was cut off when he realized that he just fell and started laughing.
AsadTube20 Hussein
Belastet [GD]
Allahu hack bar / right Allah can hack us 😂
Big Man
Johnny Abu Knoxvillel Production
C PlusPlus
Alla wakbar. Allah wakbar!!. Allah wakbar!!!😂😂😂😂(1m36s)😂
Carle Gorck
Read this before you comment\n Syrian Rebel isn't isis, they're fighting Isis and government for Syria.
Casual Alcoholic
2:02 when you're new to BF Multiplayer
Cristina M de Carvalho
Coitado desse povo não conhece a palavra de Deus verdadeiro
Daniel Parker
What if this war was just a prank?
Dat Boii
*GTA VI: Syria*
Deryk James
2:57 isn't that an American AT launcher ?
Donald gekkehenkie
GOD Bless USA Israel !!
Ecdad-ı Osmaniyye
2:56 USA made missile system. Good job USA! Death you all from Turkey!
Evan Prior
1:09 \nWtf was that
F&R Managers
US puppies
7 years of civil war,,and that proofs the quality of syrian army...
Us/israeli proxy armies in full action
Jim Miklas
The US and Saudi haven't trained their terrorists properly.
JoeHaTTab Supporters
lol stupid ISIS need more training from CIA
John Uotela
and you cracy muslims think you gonna take over europe. you are gonna need a lot moore than allah. and your sick pedofile war lord were is he is he pumping the great spoils while you try to do the job.
Just a Happy Canadian-American Boy
Ala hakbar!!! 😁
0:27 we all had this experience in pubg
King Aragorn II
1:09 😂😂😁😁 how...? Just how... You 🤣🤣😁😁
the Obama administration supplied jihadist groups in syria
Laurie Hackle
I dont believe anyone ever said they were very smart!!!!!! Bwahahahaha.goofs
Lee Grady
2:00 When Abu Hajar drive tank
Lemax Marian
Hahaha very noobs
Lord Draco
Fucking Terorists
Mahmood Kasab
الله يحميكم
1:55 drunk tank driver?
Mehmet Nacaroğlu
Mighty White Male
America's enemies :)))
Isis's funniest home videos
Mohnad Sy
Most of the world supported these terrorists who fought the Syrian state
Who trained theses guys, Bozo the clown
NSC - Tech Craft
Nigger Faggot
Does toyota sponsor isis?
O Realista
Шайтаны дырявые👎
Paeng 040806
Syrian Rebels think the war is only a play
Paul Evans
Allah snackbar
1:09 Made in China AK?
Pna 1981
Aloha snackbar.
they are not from military or army remember they were just Citizens so if u were just there u could rather pee on youreslf than u touch a weapon
Reditel Thecnologico
Reirei Li
ISIS and Syrian Rebels are two different things people. Isis is fighting for more land, and Syrian rebels are fighting for freedom
Ronnie Farnsworth
Lol Clowns !!!!
Simon Monk
Rebel are gays
lmfao at 0:11\nAllahu....hahahaha
Sk Rezwan
It seems War is fun for them!!!
The Arabs are a laughing stock militarily.
Thunderbird Anthares
i love how everyone is calling each other terrorist in the comments
Tom P.
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Allah,Blindfische die können sich noch nicht mal alleine den Arsch abputzen.
Tomasz Chyży
Cioty.Poland bandit.
Triton Bradford
Lol special! You think they get it yet.....Get right with Jesus..!
Vidhant Bansal
Their main centre is PAKISTAN
Vlog withdino
0:16 made in China
Wiki _main
Do I meant to laugh or not?
World Peace
last scene was proof CIA/ISIS with tow missile system.
Yerich Salles
More than 80,000 Wahhabi zombies were killed by the Syrian Army. Carry on, brave Assad soldiers.\n\nLong live to the lion of Damascus!
Syrian rebels ARE a fail.
bao hua
1:10 gun made in china 😂😂
Obama need to invest more money in better training lol
guelle kanista
and i thought these Mossad/CIA-trained Mercenaries are fearless and Intelligent Enemies.
guillaume vu
I think that most of their weapons are expired.
hussami khaldoun
Yesterday, on RT I watched a video where it turned out CIA ,not Libya !!!! blasted the Boeing over Lockerby - Scotland because an opponent CIA group !!!! who carried evidence that CIA was in the drug transport from Lebanon . Once again all terror acts we hear or heard of seem to have to do with Secret intelligence.
iler I
müslüm gürses fan ivedik
Müslimin ya allah☝️
raketa ss
За оружием уход нужен,а это обязаны тупые
tran hau
They used Chinese weapons.
Ü کی دارالحکومت bremmenkamp
Por mim tds seriam fail morrendo
ДоБрОзЛоДеЯтЕлЬ Баклаш
Красивое зрелище когда неправильным людям,попадается оружие с секретом)))
0:12 Alluahahahahaha
дикий мальчик
Altho its despret but the spirit is still high af mybe we didnte win but we defenetly didnte lose the fear from bashar is gone
ابراهيم الجاسمTf O
البعض مدنيين اتطرو لمسك السلاح ولا يعلمون كيفية استخدامه اتطرو لدفاع عن اعراضهم لهاذا هناك اخطاء لان العالم خذلوهم ولو يدعموهم حتى بلمال لم يتم دعم الشعب السوري لكنه قاوم واغتنم وانتصر بفضل الله
ابو ضرار الحربي
منصورين ع الروافض باذن الله
اسمر العدواني
ياخوات القحبه يعني هدول كلهم وين شافو السلاح كلها مدنيه وخرجو لحمايت عرضهم ورضهم
تربية الحسون
الله يحفض سوريا والعراق تحياتي من الجزائر
جرهم الجرهومي ابن جرهوم
والله لا ناكلكم اكل واحد ورى الثاني
حسين عثمان
بالرغم انهم كانو مدنيين ولكنهم اضطرو لحمل السلاح وحماية اعراضهم \nوباسلحة بسيطة استطاعوا تحرير 70% من اراضي سوريا \nولكن خانونا العرب وتدخلت دول الكفر والمرتزقة والملحدين الروس وحمير اليهود الشيعة
حفيد بني امية
اخطاء وعثرات المجاهدين الله يحميهم
خالد العلي
الله يحمي المجاهدين في سوريا
علاء الدين
They are not fighters \nThey are normal civilians who used weapons to defined themselves from the terrorist regime
فـۦـ๘ـُؒ͜͡ـ͜رنـسـ๘ـيቸ ڪۦـُؒ͜͡ـ͜ـارثـۦ๘ـة
I am from Syria and these Takfiris terror and the Syrian army will crush them
فیلم سینمایی کوردی فیلم سینمایی کوردی
Turkey: isis
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