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Music for Work, Concentration Music with Binaural Beats, Focus Music. Our Channel:

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Beach Sand
Thank you
BinauralMind - Relaxing, Soothing, Strange
You're doing a great job. Thanks!
Courtney Cassel
One of my favouites! Thanks for helping me concentrate :)
Fidneus Diller
Magnificent wild beast............ soothing sounds. Thank you.
Flipp Goofman
Helpful in allowing me to concentrate while doing some work. Also this music made me think about how we are all insignificant compared to time and the grandeur of the universe.
Greenred Productions - Relaxing Music
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Hiwot Tadege
Jin Man Lee
it's the best it help me
Mark Reddick
nice. must be challenging writing and performing this... in fact, how?
Mindful Melodies
Liking how this one makes me feel. Time to get back to work myself! 💗💗💓🖖
Monika Eichblatt
Very Good and Beautiful the Frequenzen. This feeling in the Body and own ist lovely. My Chakren in Balance an my brain in swing with Frequenz. Yeah. Thank you very much. Have a nice Weekend❤🧡💛💚💙💜🙏😇
Motivation Supercharger
Let's all rise up together!
Sergey Rastrigin
I didn't expect that it will be sooo productive
Tom Dope
Amazing, ended up so productive, focused as never, thanks a lot
abdelrafour bichari
wow its a good music thanks for all the efforts and keep going
Nice music, but I cannot relax. The lion is staring at me.
The moment when the music is over, you know you worked well!
saad umer
Really helpful. Thanks