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Sneaky peek into the day of a happy baker making bread ;)Flour, Water, Salt, time and passion, is all you need to make good bread ( might want to get an oven also...)I now work in Brighton at the Flour Pot Bakery:

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Abby hernandez
I love the smell of bakery's!
Almonzo Wilder
I would sell my soul to have his happiness and enthusiasm.
Anthony Z
This is awesome! My wife and I are bakers and we love this video!!!
Anya K
Asala 777
Super 👏
I literally watch this and feel better about everything in life. He is amazing. Where is he by the way? His last upload was like 9 months ago!
Azure Rathalos
1st day of work as a baker tomorrow lol
Badi Belle
Mmmml mashallah 😍
i love this job
Bookish Britt
I wonder how many hours of work this really was, uncut. He makes it look easy, but that looks like a lot of work. Very impressive!
We should be paying these people more...
Charlie Buchin
I was brought here by a guy in a tsunami
Chemical Recovery Fellowship
12/2018 - Still coming back to watch this. Anyone else?
I really want to become a baker.
Anyone else have a sudden urge to do some bakery?
Wow, I had no idea it was such hard work!
@1:32 our bakery would fire him for being too slow. Plus no hair net on the bandana, no beard net and no rubber gloves. Our bakery is that we yell not talk and run not walk.
Dom Wu
Man youre good. Give a new video clip ... motivates me every when I depressed at work hahah
Eliel Nunes
Salve sou padeiro e seus vídeos e top eu amo fazer pao
Enrique Navarro
He’s the Doug magician 🎩 one man band ,good show bro 👍🏻☝🏻
Erer Erto
I Love Baking and I Love the smell of the dough right before it goes into the oven and I Love it when in the oven. ( It's baking \
Eric Henry
that bakery is lucky to have him. I'm sure they know that.
Evil Monkey
I keep wondering what they call the loaves with the little hat on. Pain au chapeau?
Football Stawardship Council International
Basic bread recipe please if you can
Gina Schønheyder
flipping with that knife at 7:51 yikes! fun video!
Hearthstone Artisan Bakery
It's seriously been a couple of years since I last watched this video. Now I remember how fascinating it was to watch but these days, now that I'm actually in a bakery, it's even more interesting to see how the process is done, although our space is miniscule compared to this place. We neither have the space or volume, either in sales or equipment capacity, to go as BIG as this, but there is still a ton of amazing things I can learn from this.\n\nThank you Vincent, even if you've moved on to bigger and better ventures, for having put this out there so many years back. It was an inspiration for my own career and still is. Maybe we'll someday get a \
Watching someone doing what they love for their work like Vincent or Bob Ross is really inspiring!
Joe Stolzenberger
Hard working man.
Keila Nava
where is this? I would love to work here
Khitam Kadhim
You are the best baker ever in the world love you
How the hell does Dan find these videos?!
Kylee May
From one baker in the industry to another, this video gave me a lady boner. Well done sir. Well done.
Linnet Mbotto
My! he must be so tired at the end of the day.
Luke Brown
I'm a baker. It's really not as fun as this guy makes out.
M Atkins
Ok where is this man at😏💓lol
MARIPOSA butterflies
& to top it off. he is not bad to LOOk @....
Manish Kumar
you are truly dedicated to your work. liked your work brother best wishes for your future
Manjula R.B
He is enjoying is work good
If he massages his girlfriend's buns like he does his bakery buns she will be one happy camper
Mark Sarria
He loves what he does and I thank him for that. Hat's off to you!
Mark Tirondola
11 minutes of bread making, did not get bored once. Love the enthusiasm
Matthew Cook
This is the most satisfying video I've ever seen, and I watch a lot of porn.
Matthias Fehrenbach
I'm a baker in Germany and when you love your job and have a good team it is really the best job in the world... Money is overrated, stand up every day and love what you makes you much more happy
Melody Shoemaker
Midsummer night
These are the people who are usually underpaid and underappreciated.
Mizzery Chick
You never work a day in your life if you love your job. \u003c3
This guy was a pro, and he kicked ass on making the bread. give that man a raise.
Mukhtar Adam
This is Pantheon if he wasn't in league
Nick Cody
this is about the time when you tell your self yes...yes i did just watch a man make bread for 11 minutes
Patrick Kruse
Best thing since sliced bread.
Portugal Designlab
Purple 9
Now imagine doing this for hours
Ha ha look like you really enjoyed you job, monkey guy:), many people spend a lot of money and time at the gym to keep their body in shape but you are in good shape. Love your videos.take care,
Real Human Bean
so much bread. from one man
Realtime88 Gaming
Somebody give that man a raise!!
Rishi Gazi
I was sent here by a guy that died from a tsunami, not killed by the tsunami, but a police man...
I wish I had the energy of this lad..... What a worker he is
I officially want to be a baker
Nerd cubed?
Shen The Eye of Twilight
Foreplay game probably insane.
Silber MaiKätzchen
Vincent -- where do you get those long bench knives?\n\nI work making cakes, coffee cake,  Danish, puff pastry, coffee cakes and cookies. Our cookies are automated with two Pollen Multidrops, one a twiny with a third hopper to deposit jelly on top of the deposited cookies. The third machine is a Janssen K450 for rotary impressed cookies.\n\nI have been baking since I was four, commercially as a retail baker since I was sixteen, in 1961 that was the youngest you could get a business license.
So Random
I would be sneezing all day with that much flour dust in the air
What's the stuff he's making. Sort of reminds me of bread.
Tat Vas
Браво мастера!👏👏👏😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️
Tha Ponch
we need a 2016 video just like this one
Trinh Tran
Didn't you know I was watching this at my school and now I am watching this at home,
Uzzu Garut
احلى خبز اللهم ادم علينا نعمك واحفظها من الزوال يارب
V Ledesma
What a hardworking young man!!!!! BRAVO.....exemplary to youth!
Wandy Tresna
Keren, getol gawena eung.. Hehe\nMani Hayang pabrik kitu.. Amin
Yeager Mcbipper
Its just not that fun when you realize that its the same thing over and over... every day, same thing... dough, roll, bake....
Zargan Karueva
Супер супер супер ты красавчик
I was sent here by a bloody huge tsunami.
alfando alfaridzi
can't get enough watching this..we need more vincent!
I think I first watched this 5 years ago when I was in middle school and starting to cook and today, 6 years after the video was posted, I had my first pastry class in college that this video inspired me to take and I remembered this video because our first baking lab was bread. I love this video so much, thank you.
dan finger
how the hell would anyone thumbs down this vid?
Worst part of this job is the clean up at the end of the day!
Hello, I was wondering... how many hours did it take you from start to when you finished baking?
ilyas vora
one man army.. great hard worker.. and good entertainment to watch the guy.. just amazing.. keep it up..
jerahmia gaither
as a bread baker I give props to your set up here and your production level. really cool stuff you got there
Velcome to USA!!! :)
He must have killer grip strength.
always nice to see people doing what they love
krisma velentino
Underpaid and underappreciated yep thats right\n\n#fromabakeritself
wow that looks like a ton of work, but when you love something, it doesn't matter.
miloud babaali
Hard work
bakery work vol 2, please
inspite of all the automation it looks like a surprisingly labor intensive process..
rc licht
proud 2 be a baker !!!!!
I came here via OfficialNerdCubed.
sanjeev verma
so fast he was working omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
saved but not remembered
still convinced that this is Robert Pattinson's secret life as a baker
Not even joking. I was genuinely aroused after watching this. I think its the soft dough. It kind of reminds me of women? :S
capitalism at it finest. who knows maybe the bossman is jacking off in the beaches of Bali
WOW!!!! That was so impressive!! I enjoyed every minute....What a GREAT baker you are and a great worker too!! You can see how much you love your work. What ever $$$ you are making, its not enough. :-) Thanks for posting!!
This makes me want to go and live in a little hut in a village in some obscure European country, making bread for the village :P
OMG!Hard work, but it's nice to watch when work is done with love! ... First class! It's incredible!
Why did the baker have brown hands?\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nBecause he kneaded a poo.