Reel Big Fish - Monkey Man (music video)

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RBF doing a cover of the Specials version of a Toots and the Maytals classic for the NIckelodeon Kids TV channel to promote the Wild Thornberrys movie in 2002

and big fish kids man maytals monkey nickelodeon reel ska specials the thornberrys toots tv wild

Son of bitch! I actually remember this!
Alan Anaya
Aaron looks like John Waters on this video! :O
Caleb Block
matt wong is having none of this nonsense
Engel 2092
Aaron, is perfect when it comes to facial hair.
Gabriel Erbetta
I miss Scotty
I can't believe this happened :P
Jeff Leonard
So catchy
Jeff Reyes
So Bernie Mac was in RBF??
Jonathan Lewis
Josh L
Dan's subtle racism at 2:00...
The Wedgie Dance Song
Undead Ninja TV
Rip Aaron's Pedo Stache
Is this Dan Regan on trombone?
IMHO one of the best versions of this song !... ;-))
jack brown
Its an ok cover of Toots and the Maytals. \n
What is on Aaron's FACE?? 2002 was a bad year for dude facial hair in general... I can't hold it against him.
1:43 is what a crack addict looks like.
Fun stuff.