Claude Debussy, Prélude à lun faune

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Claude Debussy, Claude-Achille Debussy (1862- 1918), Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune, L'Orchestre symphonique de Montréal, Charles Édouard Dutoit.The art in this video encompasses a variety of styles which include, Fauvism, Baroque Bologna, Baroque Roma, Salon Landscape, Impressionism, Neo-Impressionism, Realism, Symbolism, Allegorical Historic. Debussy loved to visit museums and painting exhibitions and was attached to many styles of painting, from Thaulow to Monet, from Degas to Turner. He was known to have said "J'aime les images presque autant que la musique". In addition to contemporary art of his time, he was strongly influenced by the style of Symbolism in literature and art. Avec des œuvres de Louis Valtat (1869- 1952), Eugène-Louis Boudin (1824- 1898), Alfred Sisley (1839- 1899), Claude Monet, Oscar Claude Monet (1840- 1926),Camille Pissarro (1830- 1903), Frederic Bazille, Jean Frédéric Bazille (1841- 1870), Edgar Degas, Hilaire-Germain-Edgar De Gas (1834- 1917), Armand Guillaumin (1841- 1927), Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841- 1919).Les œuvres avec la mythologie d'un 'faune' sont de: Agostino Carracci (1557- 1602), Filippo Lauri (1623- 1694), Arnold Böcklin (1827- 1901), Peter Basin (1793- 1877), Karl Friedrich Schinkel (1781- 1841), Carlos Schwabe (1866- 1926).

Charles Dutoit Claude Debussy art classical music painting

\nThese nymphs, I would perpetuate them.\n\n                                                    So bright\nTheir crimson flesh that hovers there, light\nIn the air drowsy with dense slumbers.\n\n                                           Did I love a dream?\n\nMy doubt, mass of ancient night, ends extreme\nIn many a subtle branch, that remaining the true\nWoods themselves, proves, alas, that I too\nOffered myself, alone, as triumph, the false ideal of roses.\n\n \n\nLet’s see….\n\n                    or if those women you note\nReflect your fabulous senses’ desire!\nFaun, illusion escapes from the blue eye,\nCold, like a fount of tears, of the most chaste:\nBut the other, she, all sighs, contrasts you say\nLike a breeze of day warm on your fleece?\nNo! Through the swoon, heavy and motionless\nStifling with heat the cool morning’s struggles\nNo water, but that which my flute pours, murmurs\nTo the grove sprinkled with melodies: and the sole breeze\nOut of the twin pipes, quick to breathe\nBefore it scatters the sound in an arid rain,\nIs unstirred by any wrinkle of the horizon,\nThe visible breath, artificial and serene,\nOf inspiration returning to heights unseen.\n\n \n\nO Sicilian shores of a marshy calm\nMy vanity plunders vying with the sun,\nSilent beneath scintillating flowers, RELATE\n‘That I was cutting hollow reeds here tamed\nBy talent: when, on the green gold of distant\nVerdure offering its vine to the fountains,\nAn animal whiteness undulates to rest:\nAnd as a slow prelude in which the pipes exist\nThis flight of swans, no, of Naiads cower\nOr plunge…’\n\n          Inert, all things burn in the tawny hour\nNot seeing by what art there fled away together\nToo much of hymen desired by one who seeks there\nThe natural A: then I’ll wake to the primal fever\nErect, alone, beneath the ancient flood, light’s power,\nLily! And the one among you all for artlessness.\n\n \n\nOther than this sweet nothing shown by their lip, the kiss\nThat softly gives assurance of treachery,\nMy breast, virgin of proof, reveals the mystery\nOf the bite from some illustrious tooth planted;\nLet that go! Such the arcane chose for confidant,\nThe great twin reed we play under the azure ceiling,\nThat turning towards itself the cheek’s quivering,\nDreams, in a long solo, so we might amuse\nThe beauties round about by false notes that confuse\nBetween itself and our credulous singing;\nAnd create as far as love can, modulating,\nThe vanishing, from the common dream of pure flank\nOr back followed by my shuttered glances,\nOf a sonorous, empty and monotonous line.\nTry then, instrument of flights, O malign\nSyrinx by the lake where you await me, to flower again!\nI, proud of my murmur, intend to speak at length\nOf goddesses: and with idolatrous paintings\nRemove again from shadow their waists’ bindings:\nSo that when I’ve sucked the grapes’ brightness\nTo banish a regret done away with by my pretence,\nLaughing, I raise the emptied stem to the summer’s sky\nAnd breathing into those luminous skins, then I,\nDesiring drunkenness, gaze through them till evening.\n\n \n\nO nymphs, let’s rise again with many memories.\n‘My eye, piercing the reeds, speared each immortal\nNeck that drowns its burning in the water\nWith a cry of rage towards the forest sky;\nAnd the splendid bath of hair slipped by\nIn brightness and shuddering, O jewels!\nI rush there: when, at my feet, entwine (bruised\nBy the languor tasted in their being-two’s evil)\nGirls sleeping in each other’s arms’ sole peril:\nI seize them without untangling them and run\nTo this bank of roses wasting in the sun\nAll perfume, hated by the frivolous shade\nWhere our frolic should be like a vanished day.’\nI adore you, wrath of virgins, O shy\nDelight of the nude sacred burden that glides\nAway to flee my fiery lip, drinking\nThe secret terrors of the flesh like quivering\nLightning: from the feet of the heartless one\nTo the heart of the timid, in a moment abandoned\nBy innocence wet with wild tears or less sad vapours.\n‘Happy at conquering these treacherous fears\nMy crime’s to have parted the dishevelled tangle\nOf kisses that the gods kept so well mingled:\nFor I’d scarcely begun to hide an ardent laugh\nIn one girl’s happy depths (holding back\nWith only a finger, so that her feathery candour\nMight be tinted by the passion of her burning sister,\nThe little one, naïve and not even blushing)\nThan from my arms, undone by vague dying,\nThis prey, forever ungrateful, frees itself and is gone,\nNot pitying the sob with which I was still drunk.’\n\n \n\nNo matter! Others will lead me towards happiness\nBy the horns on my brow knotted with many a tress:\nYou know, my passion, how ripe and purple already\nEvery pomegranate bursts, murmuring with the bees:\nAnd our blood, enamoured of what will seize it,\nFlows for all the eternal swarm of desire yet.\nAt the hour when this wood with gold and ashes heaves\nA feast’s excited among the extinguished leaves:\nEtna! It’s on your slopes, visited by Venus\nSetting in your lava her heels so artless,\nWhen a sad slumber thunders where the flame burns low.\n\nI hold the queen!\n\n \n\n                              O certain punishment…\n\n                                                                No, but the soul\n\nVoid of words, and this heavy body,\nSuccumb to noon’s proud silence slowly:\nWith no more ado, forgetting blasphemy, I\nMust sleep, lying on the thirsty sand, and as I\nLove, open my mouth to wine’s true constellation!\n\n \n\nFarewell to you, both: I go to see the shadow you have become.
Adela Hua
so so wonderful. debussy is an excellent composer!
Aldo Wolfie
mi sembra un poco esagerato con i vari aggettivi tipo fauvismo, barocco di Bologna
Andrea Zagami
Domani ho l'esame su sto babbo XDXDXD Comunque molto bravo , un genio dell' impressionismo musicale , il padre dea musica novecentesca
Andrew Ross
Another Great Composer I like to listen to is Debussy, his music was a lot different from Beethoven, Mozart and Bach and what was different about it was he would add his own different style too it, too make the music sound modern like the music of Ravel and Stravinsky, the Módem Day composers, Debussy was Modern
Angela Wilson
1:42 sounds like heaven :)
Arildo Oliveira
Arturo C. Martins
05:47 How did he do this!? =/
I always wondered if Debussy and Monet knew each other well. They truly complemented each other. The brilliance of impressionism :)
Belkis Martin
Muy bello...y precioso preludio!!!!🌿
Bien écrire
Merci de me remémorer cette belle musique. En plus, les tableaux aident à se mettre dans l'ambiance !
Bonaventura Oliviero
Such amazing harmony! The Impressionism of Debussy is something hypnotic \u003c3
Brandon Danz
what a piece... was introduced to this by Moby in an interview he did where he compared the tone of this piece with his My Weakness.
Burning Earth Radio
Amazing music - amazing channel. Merci :-)!
Büşranur Çebi
Omg! That's magnificent! 😍
Carole Sullivan
Such beautiful music never get tired of hearing this piece ⭐️
Cause des causes
Reminds me of Wagner.
Correia Lilia
Absolument magique, après que ce soit fini on reste encore sous le charme, merci beaucoup ..... obrigada.
As a child I remember listening to this and being enchanted. I could picture different scenes to it. It took me years to find it. It was on an old cassette tape sampler that wore out and never had the name of it. It's always been my favorite classical piece bar none. It is beyond amazing.
David Badillo
This music is so beautiful I could never use it as background to study... I could never concentrate as the music would just pull me in and get me to that mystifying place and drift away... goosebumps in forearms, neck, everywhere...
All the climax is at 06:05. What a melody there, I feel like crying! And it's just for 10 f*cking beautiful seconds!Hélas!
I'm here because Michael Jackson loved Debussy especially this piece!
Ed Alzr
6:00 😍
Edward Casper
This is one of the first pieces ever written that uses a whole tone scale.
Elizabeth Toner
Takes me somewhere ♡
wow...... so erotic. You can see the influence of wagner! So refined! If pop music is the junk food of the world this is the most refined cuisine of a 5 star michelin restaurant
Francisco Ferrer Galiana
Sencillamente maravilloso..¡¡
GrapesAnd Toast
Musique divine et transcendante
Gugli Padella
metto dislike solo perché mi tocca studiare questo brano. però è bello
Gwen mur
Ce morceau est somptueux, il illustre à merveille le poème de Mallarmé.
Querida Noemi,essa obra, de Debussy, é um marco de passagem do romantismo para o modernismo na música ocidental. O \
Harry Lande
I love the music of Debussy. I visited his grave in Passy cemetery in Paris on Sunday May 3.
Hopeson Makokha
I find images painted in my mind. It's a world of dreams, beauty, and uncertainty. This is one the most finest impressionist piece I've ever heard. Debussy is so brilliant at this.
Ces nymphes, je les veux perpétuer.
L'image musicale suggérée dès le début par la courbe rêveuse de la flûte....
Jean Moulloud et des ficelles
Très fort. Personnellement je suis tombé sur ce morceau dans \
Jenifer Lohan
Jeriel T.
I am here because of the Internet.
Jonathan Akagbosu
The images Debussy creates are mystical and full of a spirit that is simply the beauty of nature. \nLes images qui crée Debussy sont mystique et plein d'un esprit qui est tout simplement la beauté de la nature.
Julia Trainor
Most amazing music I have heard in awhile. It really takes you away. How can someone not like this???
Julio Beverido
Such a beautiful piece. Brings peace to the heart.
Ce charme impressionniste me berce de douceur
Karen Froud
So beautiful, heavenly. A blast from my childhood as my mother played Debussy a lot.
Karl Kaiser
Pretty stunning, that somebody could create this.
Kathryn Ida
Merveilleux! Ça me donne de la paix dans ma cœur!
Ken Standing
Beautiful .... well chosen paintings. The beauty of France.\n\nThank you.
Sublime.Merci pour le partage.
Litivious Spartus
Oh my, so beautiful, listening to this I can picture the faun grazing at the forests edge and the butterflies dancing from flower to flower and the breeze filled with the scent of the forest;what a wonderful lazy after noon.......I don't want to leave :D    Thank you for such a wonderful video of all those fantastic paintings to go with such beautiful music.
Lowell Thomas, Jr.
From the first time I heard it, this has always enchanted me.
Lucas Roman
Les oeuvres illustrants le prélude sont mal choisies. Debussy s'inspirait des symbolistes et non des impressionnistes.
M. Benstein
This is France
Malu Laet
and so modern music began
Marc Dumont
I love how the main theme of the piece, that chromatic flute line, stays relatively the same but its context changes depending on what chord the lower voices are playing. Like sometimes it's a major 7th, sometimes it's a major 6th...just formless.
Marcia Iritz
Maravilhosa! Mágico! Inspiradora! Amo!
Matias Toppi
Sfera ebbasta komanda
Matthew Faris
maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan I just tripped into that painting. LOVE Debussy ;)
Melissa Ramirez
I am transported to a different realm when I hear this piece. Debussy you magical genius, thank you.
Musique extraordinaire et, du reste, ce morceau  est de loin mon préféré. Je n'aime pas trop le jazz et pourtant il y a dans cette œuvre des connotations indiscutables.
Mina M
The melodie feels like green to me!
There is something magical about this piece. Simply enchanting
Pamela White
I Love this ...sounds magic! like a walk in a magical wood at midnight this is a true Midsummer Night's it
Paul Nicholls-Whitman
I played this for one of my last flute exams.  I have always found this to be so moving, magical and emotional and had to keep myself totally focused on what I was play and to play down the others.  So poignant and memorable, this music even to this day whisks me away to a beautiful place.  An absolute favourite of mine and I always will be.  Merci beaucoup M. Debussy.  E&OA
Penelope White
Can't resist calling Ginette Neveu \
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R C Towse
weird question but I feel like this is in the beginning of the brave little toaster can anyone attest to that?
Randy Abbassi
Love it !
Ryne Dresbach
Es ist seltsam zu denken, dass dies wurde bei seinem Debuet gehasst.
Sainte Faustina
Le père de la musique moderne fière d'être français quand j'écoute cette musique qui touche au divin
Scott Xu
Love these paintings!
So S
L'ascolterò dal vivo al Teatrone di Udine!
Sound Author
If everyone set aside ten minutes every morning to sit down and listen to Prelude To The Afternoon Of A Faun, we would live in a better world.
Stenaldo Mëhilli
Debussy! Your brilliance is magnificent! You are irreplaceable! You are a man who have his own dimension in music; and we all are blessed with you!
T Caw
I think the opening part with the flute could have inspired Stravinsky when he was writing \
Tom Nihiski
one of the most beautiful and moving pieces of music I know ... thanks for the beautiful best fitting images :-)
Tony McLean
After watching Clockwork Orange for the first time, I'm lead to Anthony Burgess' Wikipedia page where I find this song, and I'm incredibly glad I was lead here.
Unlucky Spermatozoon
Classical Eros vol. 3
Viktor Balko
jeeej su tu nejaky slovaci??? :D :D :D :D :D :D :D 
Wallon City
Cette musique est juste magnifique quoi
Yunus Emre Bilgili
yes gawwwwddddd
better futur
Il a cree un paysage musical ... comme Tolkien et ces symphonies ... A musical enchanted landscape ... for my mother, may you rest where beauty stands ... 💌❣
classical baby
@ Thomas Turner : Thank you for posting
claude cherblanc
Kind of magic. That's like I see my country. peacefull, green and quiet.
david fogarty
Opium music washed down with some absinth. Enjoy!
Claude was seriously talented.
leo mousseau
6:05 - 6-20 . I won´t write anything about how beautiful it is cause words can´t decribe it, its is just how it is. Just listen to it.
mapo mapo
Thanks very much for this Masterpiece. I knew this Theme only because a 1974 LP of the brazilian keyboardist Eumir Deodato iwho covered this Theme in a personal way
regis dijon
À la cinquième minute mon cœur s'envole c'est tellement magnifique.
remi xuereb
Cette musique est parfaite et dépasse son titre à évocation d'un thème païen , ce titre colle avec le goût un peu anecdotique du symbolisme pour l'antiquité qu'il soit biblique , païen mythologique grec ou nordique . Au dela de tout ce magma panthéiste , il subsiste une immense inventivité proche de l'observation de la nature et qui chante la poésie primordiale de la Création , ce qui fait de cette oeuvre un morceau d'anthologie unique ....
roger waters having a vietnam war flashback
sophie 11ez
dream music
stephen anderson
So beautiful. What more can one say?
Things get real at 4:18!
The erotic 'breathiness' of the flute, how it seems to pulse, is torrid and shimmering like a hot summer's day uncovering a vision of naked nymphs..
tommaso romito
il rock prog italiano anni 70 ha basato un intera discografia sul riff iniziale di Prélude à l'Après-midi d'un faune
I want this to be played at my funeral ... The emotions encountered in this piece are so varied and can be interpreted in so many ways... I'm in tears every time I listen to it... Truly a masterpiece
ziad bassaj
Not sure why, but my food tastes even better when Debussy is blasted in my kitchen speakers.!