French alphabet - Lalphabet en Français by Alain Le Lait

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French alphabet song - L'alphabet en FrançaisMusic & Animations by Alain Le Lait ©2011 This song is from the CD 'C'est Si Bon' ©2002Other than the alphabet itself, the only lyrics to this song are: 'C'est l'alphabet en Francais', which means 'It's the alphabet in French'

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A1_ Gaming
Who came here 4 French class
This really helped me study! Thanks :D
Adam Euell
bonjour je m'appelle Adam, salut
Aexhaling xx
when you're struggling in French
Amber Miedema
give this man a grammy please
my french teacher has us do it on paper
Anna Maye
The German one is weird. I learned the French one before I learned the American one.
Aoife Ong
Lol gotta learn this for French class thanks xx
Ariel802 VT
Wow I’m here cause my French teacher made us come
Avery B
that really helped with my grades!
this is my jam
the drop was harder than idk :v
Budi Rahmat Setiawan
oh noo this song stucks in my head!! ^__^
CJthePotato _
my teacher showed me this.
im gonna have french spelling quiz tommorrow ;-; studyyyyyyy ;-;
Chloe Rose
who else is here from french in 2018 ? omg
Cringe Central
We played this at our French class\n\nNo one has ever jammed out so hard to an alphabet song in their entire lives
Damaris Hamiton
ayyyyyy lit lit
Daniella Krasney
When you have to cram, this is the place to be 😂
Draeden Taylor-Funtieo
My French Teacher played this non stop and now I know my French Alphabet lol It's Super catchy though lol !!!
Someone should make a 10 hour loop.
Elisabetta Ventriglia
Che bella canzone
I cant stop laughing when I am supposed to be saying this back out loud
Ernie Sanders
This helped me a lot. Thanks!!!
it actually really helps 
Florian Haid
Currently learning french... I love the letter Y so much...
Fyodor Dolokhov
Why am I watching this. I take German. I have never taken a French lesson in my life. How did I get here. What.
Gasim Aliyev :3
here for the class assignment
GhostFox XOX
they on reason why people are here is because of french class ? (me)
My French teacher who also teaches Welsh told me to put this on at home to learn....\n\nIs it just me who finds this annoying... (O__O*)\n
Hannah Deeley
ive like watched this 10000000000000000000000 times now i still cant do the french alphabet!!\n\n:-(
Hekate Cobos
This are lessons for kids, but I'm studying French and I'm learning from this page. Thanks a lot for posting.
Hoodie Mel
Who came here because of French class?
My French teacher just put this song on loop for the entire first day.
James Richardson
this is painful
Jaume Produccions
This video is very good.\nIt help me many times!!!!
Jesseca Vernt
Oml my teacher placed this in class I'm Year 7 xDD
Joe Maharaj
My daughter keeps jamming this song HELP!!
This was probably the most lit alphabet ever
Kakashi itachi
Well if it gets me an A I guess
Kamil Wardęga
Ten film odmienił moje życie. AMAZING
Kelly B
my teacher showed this in class
Klara -chan
This is the best song ever ONE DIRECTION YOUR OUT
Le féminin.
Im french, and i dont know why i here ......(no hablo espa.....i dont speak verry english....)
Liam Ghone
hi this is helping me a lot I recommend this and my teacher played this today it was so funny 😂
Lianez Gomez Francisco Javier
No entiendo na😂
Lol everyone is watching this to study (me included) thanks for making this!
Mack Drag
I have to learn French and this is why I'm here. :O
Mady S
Lol did everyone find this cuz their french teacher played it nonstop?
Manas Joseph
i cant say r in french lol\n#anoyed
Matt Leblanc
When is his next album coming out?
Matthew Watkin
Thanks so much
Megan Mengel
Time to study!😂
Michelle Pelse
Yes thank you. I have to take French in order to graduate and this helped a lot.
Mohamed Said
If you think you got it put the speed on 2 and try to keep up.
Mohammed Kheir - Chris Hadfield PS (1204)
yo what is up my prankster gangster   (-Pink Sheep)   SOOO INSPIRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Moshi Bear
I barely know the alphabet in English...
Naveera's Channel!
My french teacher always plays this song lol
Nick Nilas
Tomorrow test for French, this helps a lot :)
Nicola s
Noddiah McKinney
Every day during homeschooling. Got it down now. But, I get bored so I listen to it some \nmore.
One Two
This is lit
Phantasic Phandom Member
My French teacher played this non stop last French class 😂 Mrs.Deppen is her name, anyone here from her class?
Phoenix Rebel
Helped me heaps! Thx XxX!!
Wat mooi
This kinda sounds a bit like the Spanish alphabet
Sandy Yuly
and now i know my ABC´s in french haha lol :)
School Productions
I'm entering the spelling bee French competition for schools and I really needed a catchy easy-to-learn alphabet beat in French and I've found it!Wish me luck in the test though!
Shady Teaches English
This will be my wedding song
Shafia Hoque
Its lit fam! -my music teacher
Wer ist auch Deutscher und muss das in der Schule vortragen 😢😂
Studying's fun now!! Thanks!
Sonic Revolution (BETA)
My teacher played this song constantly so it can get stuck in our heads. I hated it at first but I started to learn to love it!
Looks Like everyone is using it for a French test
guys i need help whenever i walk into my french class my teacher says bongore or something like that and i dont understand and when we leave she says olive oil like i think shes going crazy, can anyone help me???
Taylor Starr
This will be my wedding song.
TheAbnormalGamer // Jelly Kelly
could you maybe add words below the letters like, ah bay or something like that im having trouble with my french alphabet. Merci!
Tom and colinne
Trump TV Network 2
The sounds of each letter:\n\nAh, Bay, Say, Day, Eeu, Ef, Jay, Ash, Eee, Jee, Kah, El, Em, En, Oh, Pay, Que, Ere, Es, Tay, Uue, Vay, Dubla-veu, eex, ee-grec *est* zee.\n\nMaintenant je connais mes abc, la prochaine fois que tu chanteras avec moi!
YoBoiSquid Squidy
My French class loves and sings to his song while I'm sitting here like😑😑
Thanks this really helped me on my test!
[GM] Rain
test today...oh god
christine pashe
I listen to this at school on French like if you do and comment🙀😺
Why did this actually work. There is no reason that this song should've helped. Either way I'm happy. Marshment represent.
fatemah karimi
My teacher posters in Google classroom.
grazia arrigo
È un po' veloce
john cena
My French teacher showed us this and made us sing like 10 times. Just thought I'd say. ;-)
johnny day
French teacher told me to watch this 20 times. Wish me luck.
kiki panov
thanks for uploading this!!!!!This video helped me alot (:
kiki qld
i have watched other videos on French alphabets. i feel this one is best of them. the song and rhythm help you memorize really quickly.
kuwasont t
honestly a bop
a *bop*
life imitates art
My favorite letter is Y
It sounds like a mix of the English and Spanish alphabet combined.
parishad hsh
i started learning french 2months ago by myself with applications and stuff... the most complicated thing i can say now is: bonjour, je veux un croissant et un thé vert s'il vous plaît, mersi beaucoup!
soi español
Time to last minute study for the test.
xxKitty Soft Pawsxx
Who else had a teacher that played this song to learn the French alphabet in class? XD AND IM IN PRIMARY 7 FGS XD
Éire Productions
a, bé, cé, dé, e\néfe, gé, hache, i, ji\nka, éle, éme, éne, o\npé, cu, ére, ése, té\nu, vé, double vé, ix, i gréc, zéd \nC'est l'alphabet en Français
RRRR you're jealous WE CAN SAY THIS LETTER HAHAHHAA RRRRRRRRRRRR\nahhh im proud to be french