Ella Mai - Naked (Audio)

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Abby Anderson
Her voice is literally so relaxing
Alexandre 謝Juarez 傑
The past few months of my life have been absurdly difficult for me. ☹ Dealing with anxiety, bipolar disorder, a break up, the end of a four year engagement and knowing it was for the better though I still love him were the hardest battles I have ever had to fight. Listening to this song reminded me of why I shouldn't be apologetic for loving with every fiber of my being and that giving yourself up to someone who loves you entirely for who you truly are deep inside should never be considered a mistake though it eventually ended. It happened when it was suppose to happen and it was what it was supposed to be. Thank you for providing such an experience of healing for me, Ella. ❤🤞 This has been on replay for at least 5 hours consecutivelly. Extreme love and appreciation to you all the way from Brazil! 🇧🇷
Allen Abagnale
Can you give her 100 percent even when she gives you zero? A woman is a weaker but EQUAL vessel. Not weaker as in her not being capable but God took a part of a man's body that is close to his heart and created a helper and a companion for him because our God knew it was not good for man to be alone. Women are special and us men in general (not all) have cultivated a very difficult climate for them to feel safe and secure in because of our own detachment from our God who made us men. Love should be and is only real if freely given but it will cost you alot (not speaking in terms of monetary aspect) to love a woman. It will cost you yourself. Be satisfied by the breast of one woman. If we aren't then we are taking from her soul and from another man, something very precious that did not belong to us in the first place. We as men, must go to God to be corrected. Love disciplines.
Anne GAM
So nobody want to talk about the bass lines at the end?
I mad I'm just now finding this song!!😡 I Love It❤❤
Baleigh and Brooke Vlogs
Anyone else scrolls trough the comments to see what people think about the song
Brandy Johnson
Repeat repeat
Breanna Berry
This song is every girls dream/reality put together perfectly into words hands down one of the best songs I've heard in a long time. Ella Mai doing it big ups to her and all her success.
Breasia Nix
This song is Me ! Yassss ⭐️
Brittany Burnett
So beautiful
Brownie Kid
this comment section is so nice. love how we all praise and recognise good music.😊❤
Cherry Ottley
Are y'all hearing that girl's voice????
Chorrell Piqué
A part of me is delighted she's getting more exposure, but at the same time I feel like one of my secrets is now in the open. I wish her the best. Love her music too, it's brilliant.
Christina Sanneh
This song perfectly describes the love that my husband gives me. Thank you God for letting me know how true love feels.
Cornelius Cardenas
Is it bad that I'm a boy who listens to beautiful songs like this
Crystal Bisbee
D'Andre Gulledge
Dope ass song, especially because her voice is blending with the melody, it makes you listen #Beatiful
DeAnna Paul
Sometimes we forget how beautiful we are and don’t know our worth
Desire' Maxie
You can hear her real voice in this song
Dharma Cantley
Why is this my whole life story?!😭😍😩
Emily Thibodeaux
When I put on this song my 13 month sister her first word was Ella and then she started walking like please and it is my 16 birthday so please like
Esey Ghebreselasie
Gaby Canales
she is so flawless, wtf natural beauty \u003c3
Galaxy Pup
This song never gets old and I've played it 50 times already 😂
Ilyas mohammed welli
I’m listening 👂 still today end of October 2018
Izzy Talmadge
Today is my bday and im 16 can i get 16 likes
I’m Jayla
Why is her voice kinda Satisfying to me?!?😍
JD Davis
Ella Mai and Queen Naija and Ar’mon and Trey
Jamya Render
A Collab With Kehlani Would Be Great😊
Jaylene Hebreo
A song with Chris brown would be great❤️
Jazmine Shaw
this song is so underrated
Jennifer Hall
This song speaks to my soul!!!! She reminds me a Lil of Aailyah.
Jessica Woods
Am just fine
Jh'niyah Hughes
The best song ever
Jonsean Karnley
I need someone to love me without my eyebrows drawn on
Jose King
I love love you and this song 💖💖💖
Juselll Glasgow
Somebody who love me naked 😂😍
Lainey Liriano
loveeeeee!!! I would be using this song for my photography project called \
Lula Tribble
I love this song
Lulu Zayzay
I need someone whose going to love me naked
Maishisia Johnson
i heard my daughter listening to this song and have been in love with every since
Majestic Eating ASMR
Ella Mai, Bryson Tiller and H.E. R would be a great colab ❤️
Mariah Danae
Why am I just finding this song🤦🏾\u200d♀️‼️
Maryann Aboagye
I love this song cuz now a days boys want girls with makeup and ass but this song just say even though I don’t have these things I want some who loves me without them
Morgan Riccardi
Her voice is so real
Muffinpie 207
I really love her voice. It's soothing and calming😥😥😍😍
this song is my whole mood. thanks. and I found the person who genuinely loves me naked
Myran Johnson
Beautiful ❤
Mysore Iyengar
hi, i absolutely love this song and ella mai x I was just wondering if anyone knew songs that were kinda similar to this and had a calm vibe x
Nancy Katheu
while y'all yapping bout her beautiful voice can we just take a moment to appreciate her edges
Naomi Pereira
I love this song
Neosha Gaskin
Your so beautiful 😍 Ella Mai ... I felt this song 😌
Nguvitjita Kahambundu
I watch this video everyday when I wake up.. her voice is so beautiful
Nightcore Dare
Ollie Williams
she cute😘😘😘
Queen kala Page
Qunnie Fofoa
I love this bet and you Ella mai ❤️
she's so beautiful!
This song is beautiful
Rome On Tha Track
Ella Mai x H.E.R x Kehlani
Sami'ra Love
I’ve had this song on repeat since 💪🏽🌸🥰💯#TooDeep
Shaday Knight
Today is my 16 😇birthday can I get 16 likes lml 🤗
Shakia Green-Dobson
This is my song I love it Ella Mai 😍😍😍
Shon Jones
Sian Dav
Anyone else search up 'naked' and immediately regret their choice of words
Student Akwaugo Okoro
way better than boo’d up.
I know Boo’d Up is her hit song , but I enjoy this song much more 😍
Tammy Lewis
Dis song reminds me of ME.........
Terence Soler
This chick done gone and put me all up in my damn feelings. Damn!
That_possessed legume
Y'all... Can't even begin to imagine how much this song means to me\nIt literally helped me get through some serious shit...\nEven tho I discovered it accidentally...\nNowadays.. Its the most relaxing song I have.... I listen to it every day before I go to sleep\nBig up\nThis is a masterpiece
Tiips Babi
This song makes me happy 😍😍😍💪😎 Like if u agree 👍
When she said \
Tracey Fletcher
I love this song \
I found this song by accident 2 days ago and now I've listened to it prolly 50 times
Trevor Foreplay
When people say \
Twila Bax
Love this lady so much. Vibing with all songs ive heard so far.
This song gives a visual of a woman that's loved unconditionally
Wangari Waweru
I'm addicted to this song 💜💜💜💜💜so beautiful.
War Machine
Ella Mai + Bryson Tiller would be great 😊😊😊
Zarah Herbert
Ella Mai was naked then boo’d up she tripped became one of the most successful female artists (in my opinion ) Love you Ella Mai 10,000 hours to whatchumucaalllat sorry for the bad spelling💙❤️💙😂💀😂🥳
when i listen to this song i just want to lie down and think 🔥
ariel johnson
betty boo
''some of my friends think im moody , but im just fine '' fr .
curious LISA
Beautiful song💖
curlyhead_ ari
ibrar ali
Nice song
jared hill
Collab wit Kehlani the Bae OMG😍😍 heaven on earth. This song really touches me I have to listen to it every single day. Than u Ella for this masterpiece
jasmine parker
Can feel this in my soul ✨
kai's channel
Her voice is so relaxing and this song is just beautiful
kavaughn slaughter
I love this song
linda walker
This is a really lovely song, her voice reminds me of Tracey Chapman, and she sounds a little like Indie Arie . Love her voice.
lollipop #love
I love this song is so intimate..\nLord, being naked (not physically) in front of somebody, showing your flaws and everything.. it takes courage..\nThis song is so deep.. i love it
Who sees a wall and breaks it.. can you love me naked? Yea yea yea yea yea yea NAKED 🥰
savage shairie
Anybody else looking for the lyrics in the comments?;😂
selena powell
This song is the best 🏅🔥♥️ Like if you agree 👍
timothy young
I literally can't stop listening to this I guess people think it's weird for a guy to vibe to this song “but I think I'm just fine\
zion 30
My son mother will be my wife soon, put me on this song. The generation need this tip of music. Song is number # 1