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Hotel California - EaglesHotel California - Eagles

California Eagles Hotel

AR_auto zhambaqqy
Never die #bravoEAGLES #HotelCalifornia 👌👌👌👌
Adrian Ing
December 5 2018 - I was at this concert in 2004 in Melbourne at Rod Laver Arena.
Alip Alip
all dislike fans justin babi and kpop lolipop
Anivie Redillas
Anselmo Echeverria
La mítica banda estadounidense de rock Eagles publicará el próximo 2 de noviembre \
Antonio Claudio
Algumas musicas serão tocadas para sempre, de geração para geração e esta é uma delas, pode ouvir a vontade!
Antonio Pereira
Nossa faz tempo q não ouço esta linda música. Agora achei.
Ardhiansya Maulana
The best song moment 7:11
Ariel Raúl Soria
Es un hermoso tema muy nostálgico
Bandar Alsayyed
Bhupender Singh
Really So Beautiful Your Song !!🇨🇮🇨🇮
Blank Delarosa
Classic shhh memories
Breeze Pantha
Love song
Christophe Dustin
это песня будет жить вечно!!!
Dave Catimpuyan
2018 who still watching?
Dora Wati
The greatest one!!! My everlasting song❤
Eder Benitez
el bajista impresionante!
Erialdo Costa
muito bom para quem gosta,amei,adorei,são musicas que apaixonam....
Why 21k people dislike this music ?
Saya 2019 akan mendengarkannya lagi... salam manis dari MALUKU INDONESIA...
Football Denis
Who's listen in 2550?
Geraldine Muyano
best songs ever...
Gilvan Eletricista
São as melhores do tempo passado.que nunca morrem
Giovanni d'ambrosio
Hey!! I'm an every day watcher since years ago... vote for me too :D
Eagles have the Most Sollen Album in the History
Helmut Scheriau
merde---überall welt weit sind wir als abreiser zuhaus -aber wenns geld ausgeht,\nich kenns von paris 11 monate ... sind wir in da nähe der engel und hotel california...\nsmile...
Irene Torres
I always watch this beautiful song ❤❤❤ welcome to hotel california such a lovely place..
James Scott
The best rock band ever,not like today's boy bands,these guys can play and sing
Jason Skitteral
Fabulous song
On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair\nWarm smell of colitas, rising up through the air\nUp ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light\nMy head grew heavy and my sight grew dim\nI had to stop for the night\nThere she stood in the doorway;\nI heard the mission bell\nAnd I was thinking to myself,\n\
Jean-François Guilbo
The magic sound of lead guitar Don Felder who created the music is seriously missing...\nBut still a brilliant perfomance!
Jeferson Umbrela
TREMENDA CANCIÓN, QUIERO LLORAR, PERO NO PUEDO ! 2030 alguien ? wow tan rápido paso el tiempo, ahora estoy fallecido, un saludo desde el paraíso U.O !
Johnny Gunners
K R Adithya
Who is watching this in 2100, cause this is gonna last
Kara Veia Tributo
I came from future to say : The best song ever
Kenneth Ferns
Ki Jae Seung
Who is here in 2018 October and still be here in 2019?
柯爸 。。 不知道過得好嗎?
Mack Wodizaxe
Marcia Valeria
Alguém ouvindo em Junho de 2018?
There are California hotels in the United States and Chengdu in China.The last month of 2018.
Mateus Lira
5:54 Bill Gates likes this music
Muhammadsiddik Siddik
NguyenVan Tien
GLORY 2 hotel\n36 Ngọc Hân Công Chúa, P.Ninh Xá, Tp. Bắc Ninh, Bắc Ninh\n0222 3812 388\n
Perhaps the best live performance of a song 36 years after it's release
Nova Dusty
Precisely, who's here 24 Nov 2018?
Nuris Nuris
Kandai soonun retro! Rahat, rahat, muzon,
OhBois _
Hay 2019
Orlando Zapata Medina
Huy si estos clásicos serán para toda la vida me gusta desde joven y hoy tengo 53 años y me sigue gustando lo mismo . Gracias a estos maestros de la música
Paul Hui
Who's here in November 2018? Like if you are in November 2018.
Pieter Jordan
2019 ?
Princess Karl
Whos watching October 21,2018 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻❤️\nFrom 🇵🇭
Best Song ever..\n\nJust feel the fibe....\n\nWelcome to The Hotel California
Randall Raines
Still the best. Will be forever until the end of time.
Rbmvhai Rbm
Ohh!! !!! GrèàRT 😃😍😄 I am going to CræZY....
Os brasileiros de bom gosto curtem!!!!! 👍
Rg jr Barrios
Best Part: 0:00 - 7:09
Ryszard Romanowski
Salehuddin Adam
I love this version esp on the solo part which start from min 4:53.
Sergej Brose
Музыка моей молодости
Steve hyuga Romero
algún latino?
The Curlies
So, this is the Eagles, singing and playing 'Hotel California' (their best song and one of the best songs ever written) without the guy who wrote the song and who played the legendary guitar solo because they kicked him out of the band?\nGood job guys, it's quite a hardiness to do that.\nThis song sounds so cheap without the only one, DON FELDER!\nYou can keep singing it, it's ok, but this has nothing to do with the feeling that Felder gave everytime you played it. Yeah I know, it's his song, maybe that's why.
Truong Pham Thanh
The hardest thing when listening to this song is your not moving your hands, fingers, feet, and head.
Tyler Mcay
I play drums and I can tell you that it is bloody hard to sing and play the drums at the same time
Valney Antonio
é coisa de louco compartilhe que
Video Hiburan
I am Indonesian and I really really love this song...
Who's here in 2018 June ?
White Leo
ценю. очень ценю. слушаю. страдаю.
Whose Republic
forever young!
Widya Zahra
On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair\r\nWarm smell of colitas, rising up through the air\r\nUp ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light\r\nMy head grew heavy and my sight grew dim\r\nI had to stop for the night.\r\nThere she stood in the doorway;\r\nI heard the mission bell\r\nAnd I was thinking to myself\r\n'This could be heaven or this could be Hell'\r\nThen she lit up a candle and she showed me the way\r\nThere were voices down the corridor,\r\nI thought I heard them say\r\nWelcome to the Hotel California\r\nSuch a lovely place (such a lovely place)\r\nSuch a lovely face.\r\nPlenty of room at the Hotel California\r\nAny time of year (any time of year) you can find it here\r\nHer mind is Tiffany-twisted, she got the Mercedes bends\r\nShe got a lot of pretty, pretty boys, that she calls friends\r\nHow they dance in the courtyard, sweet summer sweat\r\nSome dance to remember, some dance to forget\r\nSo I called up the Captain,\r\n'Please bring me my wine'\r\nHe said, 'we haven't had that spirit here since nineteen sixty-nine'\r\nAnd still those voices are calling from far away,\r\nWake you up in the middle of the night\r\nJust to hear them say\
alice bellamio
Nov 2018, who's still there in Hotel California ?
homero simpson
¿Cómo le hace para cantar y tocar la batería al mismo tiempo? 0:
luz angelie baniaga
I am Here @ Oct 30 2018, 33 from PH! 😁❤😍
madushan ekanayaka
michael george
still listening from philippines august 26 2018....
nora kim
Still..East.. Jejus..deliverd East.
oleg alexandrov
Сколько же вечеров при свечах было проведено с бокалом вина, сколько же танцев в обнимку с молодой талией... вечная песня!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just love enrgy in this video. Amazing
red fall -
sabri çağdaş aydın
Harika bir orkestrasyon. Bir tane bile detone ses duymadım. Senkronizasyon da super. Sonsuza dek dinlenebilecek ender birkaç şarkının sanırım liste başı bu parça olur. Teşekkürler Eagles...
One of the greatest songs ever
syahfruddin 10
Айсак Вахаевич
Дукха ваьхча, къанло, х1етте а ваха лаьа :) НОХЧИЙН КИЦ 🐺
Александр Додь
Есть кто с 2018?????
Аркадий Симонов
То состояние, когда каждая нота, каждый звук попадает в твою душу и заставляет ее тремтіти))) Когда от восхищения и восторга не хватает воздуха, чтоб дышать. Когда закрываешь глаза и просто \
Владимир Ткаченко
Супер не то что сейчас
Ера Еров
Нуркасым Турганбаев
Олег лысенко
Простая и очень добрая красивая вещь ,как наша бывшая жизнь молодая...
Светлана Евгеньевна
Шедевр !! На века.....для порядочных людей...красота на всю жизнь,люди, живите в мире и слушайте и создавайте красоту..
สังข์ทองลูกแม่ งามแท้พ่อคุณ
Live ! Good.