Is KRISTINA PIMENOVA Perfect? (Kristina Pimenova grows up according to the PERFECTION MASK)

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@kristinapimenova2005 Kristina Pimenova Kristina Ruslanovna Pimenova The Russian Bride child model perfec... russian the most beautiful girl in the world

Finally someone agrees to my suggestion
A Rahman
Looks like Emma Watson.
Albin Svedberg
is kurt Cobain perfect?
Alma E
When you realize a kid is prettier than you.
Anthony Muana
Is Nancy Of Momoland Perfect?
Ava Dina
I love her natural look
Bubble Blossom
Is Thylane Blondeau perfect?
this will be her within 10 years
Chiara S.
She is sooo pretty 😍😍❤
Chloe Blacksmith
Is Emily Rudd perfect?
Daniel Plugar
Is my body perfect?
Daria Antonia
Is barbara palvin perfect
Diamond BoyTM
Is Pewdiepie Perfect
Ember's AJ & More
Why u photoshopping her face
Helena Kkk
Is Thomas Brodie Sangster perfect?
Hot Sauce
Is Thylane Blondeau perfect????
Hritesh Singh
Make a video on\n\
Huge Mixer
I’m shook
It looks like her in the future, but it’s almost the same!
J-hopeful Sunshine
You just made an older version of her. 😂😂😂
Jade W
Yes she is perfect
Jake paul sucks
Is Anne Frank perfect?
Javier Nova Fenty
She looks like a little Doutzen Kroes 😍😍😍
Jenet Debbarma
Is Barbara palvin perfect?
Jessyka Person
Is Big Marvel perfect?
Is Palina Rojinski perfect?
JooJ o Pássaro
Is pennywise perfect
Julia Hildebrand
Is Kathleenlights perfect???
Kevin Barton
Are the Olsen Twins Mary-Kate and Ashley perfect?
Kirameki-chan ღ
I don't understand why some ppl here says that \
Hi I am Kristina💖😅
Is Alex (Laura) in Orange is the New black perfect ? Like if u agree
Layla Abdush-Shaheed
I think there is something unethical about doing children. I can't pinpoint a reason, but didn't know it was a child when I clicked on the video. But once I did, my skin started to crawl. The \
Loren Sepúlveda
Is Kim Taehyung perfect?
Is Barbara Palvin perfect?
Marco Sala
Maria 25
Is Johnny Depp perfect? Please 🙏
Matthew Tyrrel
isn't she like 5 lol
Mohit Trivedi
She's a little girl and u made her look like an adult. \nBy the way she's adorable and that's really true.
Mykaela ._
Is penny wise perfect ?!
Yesss I’ve been waiting for this one !!!
Is Marija Zezelj perfect?
Olivia cini
Is thylane blondeau perfect
Piper’s Cookie
Kristina has a big forehead now that I’m thinking. And think everybody is perfect on his own way
Pu Ma
Is thomas brodie sangster perfect?😍
Rada Gajic
Is Jennie Kim perfect?
Random Person In The Comment Section
She looked better in the first one except the forehead.
Red Velvet
Is thylane blondeau perfect?
Rosalie Karadeulian
Jade Weber perfect?
Is misha collins perfect?
Sheen Benji
A beautiful story that perfectly describes our attitudes towards these so called \
Sheika Deinla
If there was a perfection mask for kids, Photoshop Surgeon will not change her cuz she is already perfect!
Shook eth
If the AVENGERS had a BABY together
Is Thylane Blondeau perfect?
Now she looks 14
Sophie Denise
Make a vid like that fo William Frankly Miller
Is Emily Ratajkowski perfect?
Stargirl Kasia
is loren gray perfect?
Superguurl W
Is Hailey Baldwin perfect?\nLike this comment then he can see it
Is kurt cobain perfect
TLP FoxiGator
Maybe he have no choice to make her perfect cuz she already is. Maybe that's why he made her look older.\nNice photoshopping BTW!😊\nIs there a perfection mask for children?\n*I want to look like her!!* 😭😭\n\nEdit: * sees the title * Oh
Tessa Martin
Oh my gosh thank you for doing this, I have been asking for this and I’m so excited to see it!
The Smith
Is Tom Hiddlestone perfect ?
Theodore Vegh
Yes, she is perfect.
Veli Shehu
Is malina wiessman perfect
Venera D
Is Alissa Violet perfect?
Victoria Alsterstål
Are Doutzen Kroes and Olivia Holt perfect?
a e s t h e t i c
aw pretty before and after \u003c3
alien_invation :3
Who is the person closest to perfection he's done? According to the mask thing lol
avery y
Is loren gray perfect
ayee jay
Only God is❤
the result looks like her as an adult
ebtehal alsayyah
No one in the world is perfect were all different ok
federica pizzimenti
Perfection is just a word
glayzel gatmen
Yes... they say that she is the most beautiful girl in the worl!
joel garcia
Is Anne Hathaway perfect? ❤❤❤ please!!!
jossi hv
is emily didonato perfect?
k mel
Is Thaís Melchior perfect?
Mia khalifa perfect plis v,:
kimcel taehyung
My friend kristine is more beautiful than her she is perfect she is look like a doll her eyes is rich green and her hair is wavy dark brown her eye lashes is very thick her lips is red and her skin is very rosy porcelain like she should be the most beautiful girl in the world by the way she is half russian quarter filipino and quarter american
lemon yellow
Am I the only one that doesn't find her something extraordinary? I have 20 of these kind of girls in my school
not caprisun fruit juice
Yeah, is pennywise perfect?
phara Sylvain
Is lili reinhart perfect?
q u e s o
Is Irene (Red Velvet) Perfect?
She looks kinda young, I feel like she would fit perfectly when being fully grown up
The edited looks better but a bit grown up.
kristina is 12 now, it looks like you used a photo from 5 years ago or more. she looks a lot like this already!!
Nobody's perfect. She is a human too, she doesnt have to be perfect. Even if she is \
Олег Баландюк
is Snoop Dogg perfect?
ефим кривов
You used ps to make an average girl from a perfect girl.
مواقف كوميديا في السوشيال ميديا
Is pewdipie perfect
Who ?
• niaa •
Is Loren Gray perfect?
She is very beautiful without Photoshop.\nShe's much better than perfect.