Avicii - Wake Me Up (Official Video)

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1 Hour Land
Everything is over, Tim...\nPlease wake up, we need you...
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Son: Mom, why do all the good people die so early?\n\nMom: When you are in the garden, which flowers do you pick?\n\nSon: The most beautiful ones.
This is a legend!!❤️
Adriana !!!
You’re gone...\nWe will miss you...\n😭😭😭😢😢
Alex mercer
Aly Shariff
Requiescat In Pace Avicii
Amazing Gaming Music
Rip avicii. good bye legend
Descansa en paz bro , Tu música siempre va a ser mi alegría y te escuchare hasta mis últimos días , I Love Avicii ❤️❤️❤️❤️\n\nPD:: Te extrañamos ❤️
Artem Maximov
Каким же нужно быть дауном, то бы совершить самоубийство
Don't die Avicii you live You live in our hearts \u003c3
Beatriz Sophia Santos Alves
Congrats for billions of the views. I'm heartbroken! 😢😢😢\n\n\n\nSomeone 2019?
Benji Z.A.
Avicii is gone, and although we want, there is nothing we can do about it. But we can honor his legacy by listening to his beautiful music.❤️🌟
This will always be one of my favorite songs. RIP Avicii.
Catyse Roblox
For me I Think Rest In Peace Is Nicer To Say Than RIP\n\n\nRest In Peace Tim
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Rip. He will live in our hearts. And he passed away on the legendary April 20
Clara Baldiviezo
2019 la sigo escuchando ✌
Danger Noodle
Avicii- *Dies*\n\nAvicii- *Wakes up in heaven*\n\nGod- Aye you that Avicii guy?\n\nAvicii- Yeah?\n\nGod- That DJ who makes EDM music?\n\nAvicii- Yep 👍🏻 \n\nGod- _Heaven just got better._
Daphne Eventing
DeadRoses Gacha
Legends never die, they’ll live for eternity’s
DrNo One
Footage Spot
Frida Suarez
Just wondering:\nHow many people got those arrows for a tattoo after this?
January 2019 who style watching?
Giovanna Pavluzzo
R. I. P. KING😭😢💔
Gizem Tutar
Rest In Peace Avicii ❤️😢
Grace Louise
Fly high angel❤️ you will be missed❤️ your songs were and still are amazing and you were a big inspiration❤️❤️ Rest in Peace Avicii❤️❤️😭😭
Granados OMG
2019 😓
Hamza Coşkun
2091 ?
Hugo Marques
RIP Avicii ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
JJ 18
I love the message this song creates. The more haters you find, the more oppportunities you'll find. Shine ☝ and follow that passion of yours. The crazier, the better ☁☔☀Dream Big
Jan Geppert
Why does this have Dislikes?!\nRIP Avicii, my Legend...
Jeremy Brunner
R.I.P bro we will all miss you 💕 you will always be a legend to all of us. Thanks for making incredible music!!
Joshua Wilkie
Sensationally uplifting of that inner Being, You know the Nice One We all Posses!.!i'i!.! I feel really positive after at first Shedding an internal Tear with the spoken Line \
Julien Kativla
Cette chanson est d'une telle excellence tout comme son clip vidéo également.\n\nParmi mes favoris est ta place !!!\n\nRepose en paix Avicii\n!!!
Kael Luz
Avicii, como tenho sdds , revolucionou a musica eletrônica, inspiração para os meus dias ruins, essas musicas são melhores que meditação!
Kiran Fell Lowell
Rest in peace to this man who shares his amazing songs for us to listen from all around the world. We could never forget this song from the hearts of all of us. This song is like a life lesson that he shares to all of us. Where everyone has a place to call home in the world we all live in.
Krisselle Rallmann
Why you died???😭😭😭😭😭😭😭whyyyyyy😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭nooooooo😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
LPS Angel&Demon
R.I.P avicii .... its 2019 now :') but i still know that your writing songs in heaven...You're in all our hearts...if i could bring anyone back it would be you ..xx hope you're getting a good nights rest..
Lea Polnicka
Feeling my way through the darkness\nGuided by a beating heart\nI can't tell where the journey will end\nBut I know where to start\nThey tell me I'm too young to understand\nThey say I'm caught up in a dream\nWell life will pass me by if I don't open up my eyes\nWell that's fine by me\n\nSo wake me up when it's all over\nWhen I'm wiser and I'm older\nAll this time I was finding myself\nAnd I didn't know I was lost\n\nSo wake me up when it's all over\nWhen I'm wiser and I'm older\nAll this time I was finding myself\nAnd I didn't know I was lost\n\nI tried carrying the weight of the world\nBut I only have two hands\nI hope I get the chance to travel the world\nBut I don't have any plans\nI wish that I could stay forever this young\nNot afraid to close my eyes\nLife's a game made for everyone\nAnd love is the prize\n\nSo wake me up when it's all over\nWhen I'm wiser and I'm older\nAll this time I was finding myself\nAnd I didn't know I was lost\n\nSo wake me up when it's all over\nWhen I'm wiser and I'm older\nAll this time I was finding myself\nAnd I didn't know I was lost\n\nI didn't know I was lost\nI didn't know I was lost\nI didn't know I was lost\nI didn't know I was lost\n\nSo wake me up when it's all over\nWhen I'm wiser and I'm older\nAll this time I was finding myself\nAnd I didn't know I was lost
Lina NiceCreamy #comics
2018 забрал многих талантливых людей...😢
Lps Shea
OMD this song is so inspiring, just because you are colored, have disabilities, or your marked, doesn't mean your any different! Also, i never knew this guy until now, but i was scrolling through the comments and now i'm without words, R.I.P. Avicii. (OMD stands for oh my dog)
Luffy Sherpa
Rest in Peace Avicii Your songs wii stay with us forever
Avici comeback in 2019 pls your songs is very beautiful and magnificent
Ma Nue
2019 anyone this song is so beautiful I miss those old days when they used to play this song on the radio 😭
Maahir Bhatia
miss him
Master Reviewer
Maluma el que lo lee\n\n\nAvicii el que deja su like.
Microphone Music Group
RIP regends\n#wewillmissyou\nI grow up by your song🖤
Moises Figueroa
I miss you avicii \nI wish l could of say bye to you instead of not knowing your death till now\nWe all miss you at least you are in a better place called heaven \nNo haters no hate all love \nRest and peace
Dear brother.. I was would like now you. So much in commun. I think to the million young how look to you. So many lost, in a destruction like I was. In only name I was find peace, this name is JESUS. Only he can carrying or lives, make New. I live by the power of is Words. I was see your integrity and your live will bring many New lives in Jesus. \
Nagin Zhao
Nah Lyrics
Anyone 2019, I still feel I have lost something invisible
Naim Y Aida
Rest in peace, your music and you will always be in my heart. Big legend.
Nepe king
Sleep well avicii, the world just isn't made for some people but you made the most out of your life while you were here. Love you big man💖
Nisarg Joshi
It ain't over, and we can't wake you up now.\nRIP
The concert scene was filmed with only 20 people....I don’t believe myself either
One Kratos
Avicii, you may even have departed and left the world of fans that you had, but your masterpieces, never again will ever be forgotten \u003c3
Oscar Gamboa
Osciel Cardenas
Heros never die not with out a legacy left behind for kids of all ages to remember his legacy
Osmar ursulino Mareco
Aviciii lo mejor electro 2019 💙🎆
Patricia Castillo
rip avici te extraño
I think death is just like waking up to reality which makes more sense when i hear this song
Rajvardhan Thakur
I wish you do wake up😪 \nRIP AVICII....
Rosa Ortiz
Who's listening in 2019?
S1m0n -_-
*R.I.P Avicii;(*\n\n\n\n\nYou are the best! \u003c3
AVICII : wake me up!\nME. : I wish i could.😭
STP Freddy
Tim, I love You \u003c3\nYou was best DJ and Musican, when I ever knew.\nThanks for your best tracks: Taste n Feeling, Feeling Good, Hey Brother, You Make Me, Waiting For Love, Wake Me Up, Levels, Bromance, The Days.\nI remeber, how I heard Levels on Radio Show at 2011. It was beautiful. It was good times.\nBut now. We must to lose a legend. We lose you, Tim. \nSorry your haters, and continue loves your fans. We will remeber and love you. You was best!\nI'm listening now this track, and understanding, how hard write songs, and beautiful songs.\nAnd I know, what creator of 'Wake Me Up' now under land with closed eyes ((\n28 years old, you was young. You can release many tracks, but.. you miss, and you not guilty.\nWe will continue to listen your tracks. Thanks for childhood and adulthood!\nDJ's Community are supporting this incident now.\nIf you open Twitter (For Example, Don Diablo, KSHMR, Slushii, Marshmello, Skrillex, 12th Planet, Kygo and more) you can see posts with support words and with Photo DJ with Tim.\nMake him happy. I think he'll feel it. Play the song. Close your eyes, and as with a minute silence, listen this song closed eyes. Remembering this man. Listening to the lyrics, and listen to the beautiful drop, which he invented, on which he spent time. But he is no longer alive. And the person who wrote this track, he spent a lot of effort on it, but now he lives in another world, being underground. Too bad he was a young boy.\nPlease subscribe to my second channel, dedicated to the memory of Avicii.\nThe channel is called - Avicii Memory.\nAll the time I leave hashtags under each video and thank for their shooting and for example for reporting certain channels, including Russian. They're with us.\nThis is not PR, and the money I earn from there will not, because I'm not a person to death legends PR and earn money black method the fans of the deceased. Just your subscriptions will help spread this channel, and help bring it to the top, showing that fans who read Avicii very much, and that we are one family. \nThank you for your attention!\nLink: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE92-mxA19TAWr8VMxHfeqQ\nYour Songs help me and my friends in many difficult situations. And with you, we can be winner.\nThanks for contribution in EDM category.\nWe with your fans love you. Thank you for all, Tim. RIP.\nAvicii RIP (Tim Berling) [08.09.1989 - 20.04.2018]\n#avicii #aviciidead #timweloveyou #aviciirip #wedontforget #thanksforall
Shakira X
rest in peace legend ♡
Shreya Raj
2019 anyone ???
Single Josh
I hope one day we can wake you up :( 😓 rip
Snow Flake
Jeez couldn't they find some cuter girls? (Jk these are literally the two cutest girls I have ever seen)
Soul Rapier
You sleeped to the death while waking us up,thanks Aviici you may Rest In Peace forever.
Space Muffin
RIP Avicii \nThanks for all the good time you gave us 🙏🏻🙄🙏🏻
Super Cracker
your death was so sudden to me it woke me up R.I.P.
Team eSport YT
A legend was here and he lived this world but on the sky he is writing a lot of songs for we when we'LL join him. I love you. ❤\n2019. A new year but you are not here. 🕊
Truyện Chưa Kể
R.I.P Avicii, you will be missed \u003c3
Vedant Kokate
Who will listen this until rest of life?
What is the girl in the video.. Please say.. And miss u avici
RIP :( We'll miss you. \nYou will always be in our hearts. 💔
Wheelchair guy
Avicii was a legend, it’s sad that he died so young
Yusuf Maulana
If You Watch This Video In 2019 for Remember Avicii😢\nLike Or Comment😢\nYou're My Legend Bro😭😭\nMiss You😭
the legendary song Wedlug me :D
alerquina é a melhor
1 bilhão de visualizações!!!\nAvicii você merece 😊\nAonde quer que você esteja saiba que sempre será lembrado!!!
Rest In Peace
donpablo 51
fatol miyy
2019 🖤😢😔
jose ceron
2016 and 2019??
kakashi senpai
khansa rose
can’t believe this talent died, rest in peace ❤️
life Needs work
Avicii's death is just a wake-up call for us to find ourselves with the music he left us with rip always be in our hearts.
Avicii, thanks for the great music. ♥ Death is the beginning of immortality - Rest in peace Tim ♥
Госдеп СССР
Нельзя быть очень красивыми...
STOP STOP STOP!!! Avicii *isn't* dead!! because \n\n\n\n\n\n*legends never die* ◢◤
• winx •
R.I.P Avicii... NOOOOOOOO😭😭😭😭😭
*¿Por qué tuvo que morir este dios?* 🎧\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n¡¿Por qué coño no se murió Maluma o Bad Bunny!? \n\n_(Editado: Escribí mal una palabra xd)_