Brioche stitch | Two identical sides

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Want to create a ribbed pattern, but with a little more stretch and flair? Try the Brioche Stitch. It is one of the most popular stitches around the world as it creates a reversible fabric having two identical sides. Great pattern for making things like hats and scarves. This video will help you how to knit the Brioche stitch.++ Detailed written instructions: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~Thank you to everyone for subscribing, faving, liking and commenting.Happy knitting, and Happy New Year !!!

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AR Chery
Thank you so much!!
This is such an easy cast-on method. What is it called?
Anita Singh
Bandna Sharma
very good design it is superb
I am no longer intimidated and will try this stitch. Thanks.
C. Lynn Higginbotham
sound would have been nice
Dorien Bloemetje
Thank you for your guidance i always wished to learn knitting and finally can learn it !All the other videos from other YouTube channels are so quick that its hard for me to follow there moves. Thank you for your patience and showing it too us🤗👍🌼
E. G.
This makes no sense at all. You write *SL1 YO K1* while you're doing *SL1 K1 YO*\nI'm really fed up with this brioche stitch:none of the instruction videos make sense or work. If you're going to \
Eloisa Garcia
Porque todo inglés como lo entiendo es en mi casita lo e publicado
Evie Hammond
I beg you not to make us wait through entire rows -- esp. casting on, which I'm sure you (and others) have a video for. Just show us a needle full of stitches, and tell us how many.
Fayyaz Naseem
Good knitting thanks
Ghada Ghada
المزيد من الصوف
Goshy Goshy
Ma sha Allah super design
Henny van Ewijk
Op zetten van steken voor pattent steek
Jeesoo Min
May I ask what kind of yarn you used?
Thank you so much for this video. I've noticed that all of the different knitting channels excel in teaching different types of stitches, and yours is perfect for (silently) explaining the brioche stitch. I can't wait to start on my next project!
Joyce Kumar
Very simple & easy too!
Karen Parker
i actually love the teaching style of no words, it works for me. thank you
Katarzyna Pee
Śliczny wzorek :)
Katspaw Collection
Kay Brown
Watching someone knit English style makes my right index finger hurt. LOL Glad I don't knit that way. I love Eastern European style knitting. Much faster.
Kay Simmons
It would be better if you explained the stitch whilst doing it.
Kruamard Kongdang
ำthank you.
Kurshid extra tasty and good explination Akhter
Thank you so much, I think I've got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No distractions.
Laura Dicus
Tried this in the round and silly me... didn't think that when you never turn your work you have to work every odd row as BRP1 instead of BRK1!  It's such a nice stretchy ribbing, I love it... until having to fix an error.  I know it can be done, I'm just so new to the stitch that I get very confused with all the bars, figuring out which ones are live.  Using a life line if something I'd strongly suggest if you're working on a larger project.
Hi, I'm still kind of a knitting newbie. Can you explain the code? I don't know that abbreviations/jargon.
Liv Marie
Are you supposed to be losing stitches when you knit this stitch? Because I started out with 50 and now I have 35.
I cant even figure out how to start the damn thing and ive watched it like 20 times
Mandie Leavitt
this video is perfect! thank you for sharing! you were slow and easy to follow! I get confused when some use numbers or go so fast I can't see the wrap-around etc! I will follow your videos from now on!
Marco. Fleury
Lovely thk you I'll try it so looks so nice
Michelle Lee
thank you~~
Awesome tutorial; enjoyed it from beginning to the end. Thank you so much!!
Naheed Shaheen
l like very much these design
Nilzimar Da Gloria Gloria
eu amei essa receita muito boa valeu gostei
Nusret Musliji
ja obozhavam
Om aseel Alatry
Thank you
Oma Jenz
Heel mooie steek graag de tekst in het Nederlands
Pinki Choudhury
The best and the most helpful video, camera zoom is great and the pace is perfect. after unwinding 20-25 times this video helped me to knit a perfect scarf
Rabiya Kadir
Masha Allah
Ramiz Abdullayev
Reshma Tamachhakulung Rai
Aren't brioche and fisherman's rib same?
Ruben Jansen
You maked it very good
Ruth 875
Thanks for a great tutorial! !!
Sheela Ganesh
Can I make this as border for honey comb pattern cardigan
Shelia Wilson
Awesome this may b the same stitch. Thank u very much for responding.  I couldn't get an answer from Ravelry.
Sudjai Meinshausen
Tank you
Suresh Gupta
Taha zevkle dinliyorum
çok güzel modeler teşekürler
The Girl That Ain't Playin
Mkay so I made 44 stitches but maybe I'm supposed to start off with a multiple of 10...*sigh*
Xeve Aurell
Does anyone knows wats the different of using even or odd number of stitches? I search some video and they are using odd and some other using even number of stitches, there must be some effect to the scarf right? Pls tell me the difference thank you so much
Yaman Bear
Yuugen Kairo
Is this pattern have any different with the fisherman rib?
asma Abubaker
Please I want to see it's back side too
For K1, it looks like the yarn is wrapped in the opposite direction than a regular K1.
cleuzi taques
lindo. ...muito lindo. ..
farzaneh emarestani
Thanks for the video. It's suitable for anybody who gets confused listening to instructions and trying to knit at the same time (ie. me)
Thank you  loved it.... Thank you for not talking i could forward and rewind it with out the talking gave me anxiety...LOL.\nlove it I have now mastered it thanks to you\n :)
In the pattern row instructions: What does the abbreviation \
kina Naal
لفاحة لونين
lilian lim
I'm a bit confused. It says to repeat pattern row until I reach the desired length, so does that mean I'm just repeating YF SL1 YO, BRK 1? That's how I originally interpreted it, but then I started wondering if I'm not supposed to be alternating that row with YF SL 1 YO, K1. Thanks to anyone who can clarify!
petite fraise
I really love this one and the color of the wool is perfect ^^
What type of yard is being used in this video?
Where is the sound to this video
Finally i got it! Thankd for the tutorial!
xheleta ibra
I love it
Örgü Sepeti
Very good, congratulations
Şafak Kayaoğlu
Selanik örgüsü nasıl örülür
Удовольствие от вязания вместе с Фаридой
Thank you, loved it )))