Reel Big Fish - Monkey Man

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Reel Big Fish is a 3rd Wave Ska Band from Huntington Beach, CaliforniaSong is off The Wild Thronberrys Movie OSTCheck em out @

... 3rd Aaron Album Beach Big CA California Fish Huntington Man Monkey Movie OST Reel Ska Soundtrack The Thornberry's Thornberrys Wave Wild

Bill Thompson
Kid friendly.
Eric Swithinbank
they'd better play this beast at boomtown!
Grisel Tellez
Jenny and tai lung
James Whittaker
dammit, i remember watching this film as a kid in bed when i was sick. This was in the credits right?
Jeff Leonard
Wow. Catchy tune.
K Mo
ummm... yes.
Kaitlyn Rusello
This song is so late 90's / early 2000's! I just can't help but think of 10+ years ago whenever I hear Real Big Fish. 
Lurdes Almeida
I miss it soooo much 😥😥😥 back old Nickelodeon 😍 pleeease
what is this song about?
XDD OMG the food fight scene! \n\n\
A ya yai ~ it's alright~
Great version, T4P ! So sad the original video clip was removed !