French Lesson 1 - Learn FRENCH ALPHABET for kids Pronunciation - Alphabet français Alfabeto frances

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Facebook page: You can also learn and practice your French on the channel 123dialogues with many everyday life basic dialogues and easy conversations for survival French for intermediate, beginner and advanced levels.Learn how to pronounce the letters in the French Alphabet with words for children. Apprendre l'alphabet français pour les enfants. El alfabeto en francés y el abecedario francés para niños con pronunciación.

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.:.Daddy JJ.:.
To say \
Adarsh Viswambharan
the way she prounced the first word was very funny
Agatha Mtunge
Hibou. Inafunza. Throat
Wow I'm brazilian and this seems like portuguese alphabet, which is awesome for me :)
ArT oF wAr
The word, “Rivière,” sounds like I am gargling when I pronounce it. 5:12
Ballora Exotic Butters
I like tortue
Beutiful Nice
Merci beaucoup 😊.\nCes leçons sont vraiment utiles.
Bilkis Akter
Blux Mrux
Cesar Augusto
Just keep learn and you will get it... learn new language is always harder but no impossible, thanks you.... I like this lesson!
Cherzai Talash
Mille fois merci
Cynthia Rodríguez
yo hablo español 😪
funny is about fish it says poisson xD
Diễm Quỳnh Nguyễn Ngọc
I think the name \
Ece Ersavaş
French language is really hard
Elliott PS
What a freaking mess the French phonetics are. Besides, you have to shut your throat as if you're being strangled all of a sudden or as if you were choking with an olive or something. xD \n\nI'm learning it though, maybe because it's challenging haha.
Eman Maaitah
I can't pronounce u and y :-\\ \nI am Arabic and I have to learn french
Enrique Rojas
Since I know spanish and english, most of these are pretty easy but man that R is giving me trouble.
Evergreen Movie
Fate Hulala
Wwwww thanks
Fatima El wahdani
Francis Auxilia
Golden boy 143
Guillermo tijerino vega
Easy to understand and easy to pronounce i like this channel
Hadja Santos
Eu realmente gostei ♡
Himalayan scouts
g and j sound same. how can we differentiate it.
Jaeffison Furtado
I really love this course!  I will do the impossible to learn through this channel. Congrats for this Idea.  
Jeyarasa Thipakaran
Joyce Ann Pilit
Julio Bueno
Ok. Very well
Kim Taehyungxxx
Anyway I thought ü in mandarin is the hardest word to pronounce. Turns out, french has lots harder words to pronounced. \n\nAnd fyi that ü sounds the same as french u.
Mariana Gonzalez
I can't even hope to pronounce any of these right...I don't have the throat or nose for it. .__.
Miyah Wright
Mohamadsy Alkhalaf Sy
I like french
I like when you translate the word in English ;)
Noor Khan
c'est français language très très Dur je parlé unpeau aidez moi s'il vous plaît je besoin parlé français
Normazg Zamora
Muy buen video
OgiClash BFF
Good\n\n\n\n\n\nFrance I from Serbia
Bonne chance pour apprendre le français 😜 Good luck for learn french
Poonam Khatra
Pretty Pink747
Bounjour jemapelle Zara
Pro Gamer
Qe'ee Warra Galaan
Thank you
Raj Rani
My french teacher has told me to practise gargling for improving french pronunciation.
Rajesh Sharma
ou habites as tu''
Rod Palgar
Votre projet est excellent. Félicitations, je l'apprécie.
Rohith Nata
Happy birthday Abhinandan Sridhar
Saad Al Ani
merci beaucoup
Sachin Dubey
😂so funny pronunciation.
Samsuzzoha Sumit
Merci Beaucoup.
Sara Sgsgsg
the pronounciation is killing my throat
Secret Real Santa
Shahram Alizade
Desóle, je parle un peu français mais je t'aime français 😍😍😍😍
Shashi Usagali
Shieru Shiro
I'm french, I'd like anybody helps me to learn english, I could help you to learn french ^^
Someone from Kazakhstan
as a native Kazakh speaker, it's easy to pronounce French \
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je suis garcon
Suresh Kumar
Now I feel how fortunate that we have English as international language. French pronunciation is difficult. English is God sent language.
None of words makes sense..... \nTHEY DONT FIT THE LETTERS
The Padrino
No word is pronounced as it's written.
I can't believe my french 1 teacher never taught us the alphabet. I had no idea the \
French makes english sound like childs play
Vicky Lee
W is so difficult.
Indien ?
Yolanda !
I'm from spain and I really want to improve my french, I've been learning it for 5 years but it isn't very good.
Yves Shaz Lewis
seriously I don't think I can pronounce this. \nI will try learning Dutch instead.
a k
je suis francaaaaaaaais!!!!!!!!!!!!
abdulrahman tindet
alessandro pierre
merci, a bientot...
dixie b
bonjour,\ni am attending classes in Paris , at the Marié,\nalso, trying to do video/ ipod lessons, on the metro\n\nhow long , is the average time for a person to speak fluent , without any prior education in french ?\n2 yrs , 5 yrs ??\n\nmy visa gives me 5 yrs to become fluent, then I must go back & report to the assigned French center, for an oral & written exam, for me to live in Paris.\nmerci
ella lam
i learn more here than i do in my french class..
essa_channel_time 1
omg actually french is fucking hard at me tho why the schools are learn franch 🙃
fati ma
thank you so much
heroe blast
Time to duolingo
iam fercho
l speak Spanish and l'm learning french and English
rivière killed me
jan ashna
Merci Beaucoup pour video up..
kafil ahmad
i am an idian which is crazy about learning diffrent language and culture i m trying to learn french .plz help
meka aliyeva
je veux le livre de fr. pour le 3-ieme pour une heure par un semaine
mt. shyna
I can't even roll my R's in spanish and im a native speaker..... when I go over there, im just gonna write everything down. Im better at writing than the pronunciation...
muñeyaoi 666
nadia Creche
Hola estoy aprendiendo francés me es difícil pero el qué lo consigue lo logra merci
pour une belle vie
who's like to learn French
rama raja
I wonder how did French orginate? Vry vry tonguey n throaty.. 😃
shammar mellis
this is very hard to dame say why couldnt they be one language which is english
sherie guda
show hafiza
Bonne chance à tous ceux qui apprennent le français^^\nfighting^^
shruti jhanwar
What is the errer in this sentence: ce n'est pas de voiture??
unknown wolf
Anyone else having Problem with o
vinh hoang the
con cam on ME
xue yu
thank you very much .it'S VERY important for a begginer.
امال ljaa