Learn French. Pronunciation : French alphabet (lalphabet français)

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Aimen Ahmed
Molto interessante
Ana G.
Thanks for the video!! :) my boyfriend is from France and now we are having a baby so I want to learn french lol so I don't be left out their conversation ;)
Antonio Deluca
Aria P74
thanks so much
Aryádina Lourenço
Y sounds so beautiful 😍🤣
Ashley Rivas
Am I the only on that gets e and u confused, I swear they sound the same :/
Ather Hasan
The((( y))) tho!!!! 😹💔 I cannot
Axelle Awah
Je ne vois vraiment pas à quoi ça peut me servir !
Aziza Smith
Begonia Alonso
gracias me ha servido de mucha ayuda tus videos vivo en francia e une gran merci
Berilla Ham
merci beaucoup pour le French cours aide merci encore pour tout
Best video I'll found so far very helpful
J'aime la vidéo car je suis espagnole et j'apprends le français
Cooper Hanson
Je suis dans une abeille d'orthographe française demain! cela aide beaucoup
hello je suis français mdr
Cursos Ciforma
Daniel Williams
Meci beaucoup merci bien
Dhanush Mendu
Une vidéo est plus utile.
Diego Lobo
É tão bom saber que as línguas latinas são tão fáceis de aprender. Hahah
Elena Soto
Merci beaucoup!!
Eliesky Gonzalez
Fantastic Coder
Fares shehabi
i love it
sooo bad cuz i can't hear some letters well and you so fast😑when you read
German Suarez Sanchez
Compartido en facebook
Gurpreet Singh
Awssun French
Abc no
very helpful video thanks
Hamdy Mesary
Haowei Hu
gracias me ha servido de mucha ayuda tus videos e une gran merci
Harmson Opira Kiteze
am learning but need a pen pal to converse with, i know this is the site a can learn this language
Hsjsjjzjsjs Ejejdjdj
I want a person to help me pronunciation
Isabel Palomares
I speak english and spanish and some alphabet letters sound similar to spanish and some like english so its a little bit confusing
Israth Hussain
Pour apprend français ça ces bien
Jasmine B.
Merci beaucoup. Though when they said a word for D, I laughed so hard. 😂😂 In English that's a swear.
Jazmin Alizay
Merci monsieur. Bisou bisou
Joingridy Rodrigues
what the hell is wrong with the french \
Judith cadavid blanco
Très bien professeur ...Pierre...merci beaucoup pour tout.
Karim. Elkili
Kartik Prasad
thnxx man that helped a lot☺☺☺☺☺
Keiryuu Cassiopeia
tres bien
Kot Red
Спасибо! Я смотрю снова и снова, начиная с 01:40\nThanks! I watch again and again, starting at 01:40
Latonya Johnson
God this is kinda easy and hard because I just started French for my foreign language class at school and I need to learn the alphabet and then recite it to the class
Laura Bergang
CongratuLATIONS FOR speaking slowly. I just checked out Forvo and Rhinospike and they speak WAY TOO FAST for a learner to really hear and copy. Thanks.
Le féminin.
Que est ce que je fais là déjà ? Ah oui je regardais wankil studio. heu...wait?
LeeVlogs ALot
I'm trying to learn french for me to understand what they are saying in french class and since Canada Speaks french i have to speak french to because Canada is bilingual country and it means you are expected to speak French and English.
Mahmoudmht20 mahmoudmht20
Mako Lyons
Mj Ahmoda
thank u 4 this ^^
NG Editor
Naser M. Al Magri
it is so difficult for to pronounce them lol
Bonjour\n\nI traveled from the Francay\n\nTo the U S A
I’m thirsty after following this lol
Pioza Tereza
Rafiq M R
Daild ond houre franch class plase
Reshma Kadam
Something very interesting which I am learning a student of eight std
Rosie Weasley
I could die from learning this... we totally have different tongues... huhu...
Saifur Rahman
Hello..\n\nI want a partner who can speak french,Please.\n\nMy skypee di= xman12317\n\nWaiting for a good helping person.
Sevita Sathya
Ayyyyyy this helps me keep ppl awake during my presentation on French alphabets thank you soooo muccchhhhh
Sierra Sanchez
I don't hear a difference betweem E, O, and U. I am taking a French class too and I look at this video when studying but I still don't hear it! Can you give me 3 english words to represent the sounds of each one? I just can't tell when people are saying E O or U
Simon Lumbela
Merci beaucoup !
Sonia Andrade
Muito bom mesmo ! Mais do que bom.... excelente !!!
Sulyman RA
The Child Blogger
Merci beacoup
Thor The God of Thunder
D = Douche? Lmfao
Tran Thi
RAT hay
Veena Marwah
French is a nice laungauge so i like this vedio😊☺
Vern Valencia
0:16 lol
Vika Hick
Wyatt Arwater
this video sucks
Y. Kesen
Thanks, it is helpful
Youcef Hamama
Oh, orage!
aitana alvrzzz
i speak spanish, english a little bit of french and i'm learning russian
Merci beaucoup!
amir r
Hi guys, I decided to learn French, i am a question please answer me, if i study 30 minutes French in day how take time to i learn it and speak elementary?????? Please answer me 🙏
chaosflo 44
ich kann deutsch arabisch französich und englisch und ein bißchen kurdich und bin erst 12
he bought the dip.\nhe panic sold
ismail adan
only ones too diff than eglish are R and Y.
julie la folle du game
je suis francais aurevoir
karolis karolis
Lololololololo.o.olololololololol lololololololo.o.olololololololol lololololololo.o.olololololololol lololololololo.o.olololololololol
lenzing 77
gracias por el video ☺☺☺
melad salem
très bon
musicovenezolano musicovenezolano
bon lecon
o abdallah
OK but needs improvements.But good video
poornima putte gowda
oh no i can't learn
rosmeri Doñe
ةيتتثتث Hegjeei
شهد عبدالرحيم محمد
ออย บ้านดุง
Bonjour. Je suis Coréen.\nJ'apprends le français.\nUne vidéo est plus utile.\nMerci.\n\nHello. I'm a Korean.\nI am learning French.\nA video is more useful.\nThank you.\n\n