Merk Kremont - Sad Story (Out Of Luck) [Official Music Video]

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Merk & Kremont Official Music Video Records Sad Story (Out Of Luck) Spinnin' merk & ... merk & kremont sad story merk and kremont out of luck sad story

#Kaszalot YT
Better than despacito 😂
03. 00 Jeon
Тут ни одного русского чела нет...
This is Ady Suleiman song - out of luck.
Merk & Kremont - Sad Story (Out Of Luck)\n0:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 4:02\n⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻
Agela мани
Лайк кто Русский
Akniet Toksanbaeva
Almntzer Iq
I'm a simple guy I see hot legs,I click
Love that voice!
Ame Lou
Czemu to mi ciągle po głowie chodzi ? Polskaaaaa likeować xd
Ameru Ayumu
I came here in 2019 , and seems I can't get enough of it . Love this song so much !
Honestly, I'm so addicted to this song right now, I been watching this video all week, idk why.
Aris bby
For the people saying this video is weird \n\n(If you hear the song it tells the whole story just got to listen closely)
Azul -PessoaNormal
Mano muito ''Top'' o nome faz jus ao nome
Bass House Music
Got to love Spinnin' Records and the clickbait thumbnails
1:24 the part where you all came for \u003c3
Let me settle this down.\nSOUTH KOREA (not north ;)) SEOUL MYEONG-DONG\n\nnot italy.
Cane Wey
Кто думает что это Корея ставьте 👍
Captain Sushimeister
WHO want to married the Girl too
Ciel And Sebastian
This song is everything to me right now...really loving the beat and the story behind the lyrics.
Darky boi
Im in love .
the girl is so cute 😻
1:23 the moment we're all waiting for
I love that dancing on the board.
DiAnna W
Yassss…… STILL listening.. can't stop myself... this is just so damn good....
Dubby Plays
This...Is so...sad...\n*Alexa, play Merk & Kremont*
Franky bsp
This girl is cute:-D\nEdit:Wow 18 like thanks
G. Love 64
Skateboard queen ... love her skills ... she’s in another video too right? I’m really digging this song too!!!
Gacha Gamer
Sometimes Japan creeps me out
Hacker Sirius
Anlaşıldı burada da bir Türk yorumu lazım Türkler +1 Şarkı Bahane Türkler Şahane
2019 anyone?
Is that skateboard girl in the new Clean Bandit video?
1:23 you're welcome
Jacob Moon
Credit Ady you cowards
Jovan Jankovic
Why Asain girls are sooo gorgeous!!
JustPepi- Roblox and tutorials
this song deserves to be more liked than despacito ...
Katelin Bankston
Here I was thinking this was some K-pop song smh 🤦🏻\u200d♀️
At the end of the video you can see he was watching the girls dancing (1:25) on the TV. (3:25)
Kristi Хейтер
Дратути, русские?
Lord Sinopeus
Now he don't talk too much, talk too much\nHe's probably given up, given up\nI think he's had enough, had enough\n'Cause he ran out of luck, out of luck
Luciana Pagano
I think the girl in the longboard is Ko Hyojoo
Lynn Danilov
listening to the lyrics and watching the video together really makes you understand how sad and deep this catchy song is
Sad story but cool :)
i watch the video more than 1000 times and i have no idea what's going on :D
Maryam Alhassan
Goes on Gap to find the yellow sweater shes wearing
Скажи-те пожалуйста,смысл клипа?Или-же о чем он,я не могу понять...
Merk & Kremont
Thanks for the love guys ❤️
Miss Kriss
I LOVE YOU SOUTH KOREA ❤️Песня ну очень крутая
Naka Kaka
I love you!!!❤❤❤
Nicholas Plesko
I like South Korea.
Nick Peck
Anyone else listening to the lyrics and realizing how sad it is. :(
Nicole Ghost
things i see in the comments:\n1. korea\n2. italy
Oliwier Laskowski
Fajna Muza
Oskar YT
Polska jest wszędzie i we wszystkich możliwych piosenkach i filmikach 😂 Polacy górą i obwładniemy youtube! Xd
I can’t really understand the story :( could someone maybe give me a small summary?
Prabhanshu Chandra
thanks to that short skirt girl, i opened this video and now I am loving this song.
1:44 my reaction to this song
*хейтеры скажут это не Казахстан*
Robert Tyson
Rogério CN
who wants to skate like her?
Roma YouTuber
Не фанат таких песен, но эту даже на рингтон поставил! Браво) Привет Из Украины!
Roman Tvr
Well i just realized the plot if this clip\nThe guy who had a problems in life, no family exept his granny and bad-brother tried to live but he couldnt make it any better. Then one day something happened somewhere in the club and his brother kicked him in the head, so he fell down and went to paralyzed. And all this scene of riding a longboard is his dream. Dream where he has freedom, happiness, he can move and do whatever he wants. Then he occasionally meets himself standing as a reminder of his real paralyzed body. And the girl who fly-kicked the longboard girl in the head is his brother.\nThats why we can also see nurse in the illusion, and in real life, where she gives him a fingerboard, last thing that reminds him of this happy dreams.
Rosella Rose
HER HAIR IS SO SILKYYYYY AND SMOOTH AND SHINY!!! Jesusssss let me have beautiful hair like her!!!
Sans Undertail
That girl has talent
Silent Observationist
The guy was in the airforce (swaying dancers that salute) and there was an accident (cone/fireball/bandages/hospital bed) that caused him to lose everything he once knew (the student) and prevents him to capture anything new (the blank polaroid pictures). The knowledge of his past (the children), what he learned (the student) or who he was (the soldier) is the missing piece (missing gold from the child's smile) but the feeling of what he loved (city/people/everything gold) is what stayed. Mainly, the feeling of flying (skateboarding). The giveaway of the girl not actually being real was the way she danced on the board. Then her reflection becoming his. Then how her black hair and gold shirt matched the colors of his skateboard. She danced like his fingers would. Then her fall was the second he lost that focusing tool which allowed him to escape. All of the colors and life in his world disappeared. But it was only after his knowledge (the student) started to come back (kick). So, I take that as...him being too sad to face his reality because that's where he'll never be able to fly again.\n\nI'm just guessing though...I could be entirely wrong. :P
Strig Hahn
The girl hit the man and ran. Guy became disabled. Case concluded.
Tony Nguyen
at first i didnt understand the mv much, but the sound really caught me. But after listening the lyrics, idk if im going to be sad or not, but that is the reason that im liking this song more and more. But anyway, good song, great content. Keep working, wish u guys a good day.
Vũ Đức Trung
Korean and Japanese girls are pretty! Look actress is lovely and no less sexy!\r\n- A guy from VN!
Yroslav Talanov
Ziya Huseyn
This is my lovely music i like mark kremont music thank you because thismusik is BEST I LOVETHIS MUSIC AND IT IS 2018???
bb blue
I figured the video out. In the beginning, she is stopped by a man in a blue hat.\n0:30 Don't forget the blue hat. \n0:48 You can see him again. \n0:58 there is a nurse. Don't forget her. \n1:06 Blue hat.\n1:16 These weird, pretty girls.\n1:33 They salute, this meaning they are under the command of someone else.\n1:37 Blue Hat, Ice Cream\nRemember first seeing the nurse? 1:38 She is covering the girl's eyes. Remember the girl's eyes before? 1:02\nThis kid didn't smile before 1:27 but now he does, and he has gold teeth 1:42 \n1:50 She is skating in circles. She sees the blue hat with the nurse.\n1:28 Boy has a baseball, and it is seen here, on fire. 1:56\n1:59 The nurse removes her hands from the girl's eyes.\n2:09 She kicks the main girl\n2:23 - 2:39 The people who have been watching her appear around her.\n\n- Pay Attention to this Part -\n\n2:57 Look at the book, blue hat and hood. Just like blue hat guy. The image flashes from the book cover to the blue hat guy. They are the same person. It says M K which is Merk and Kremont.\n3:06 she arrives in her reflection, and sees the blue hat guy instead of her.\nIt flashes \
I just can't get tired of this song, doesn't matter how many times I listen to it
This is the song you play when it's low sun and you're walking around the city on your own and not really doing anything
gancar ajriya
i Re
milo 1
Sad Story🔊🔊🔊🔊🎧
noname noname
Как же прекрасен казахстан
short skirt.. short skirt everywhereeee
roll the music
A masterpiece😘😘
ruben miranda
Can't stop listen this amazing song And video! From Barcelona, Spain
yh k
아 요즘 유투브 누를 때마다 뜨는 틱톡 광고 짜증나 죽겠다..ㅠ
yok pok
For anyone who is confused...\n\nThis is an internal battle of a guy in \
Денис Галеев
Не благодарите(перевод не мой, в интернете нашел,самый адекватный как по мне)\nГрустная история, может показаться, что она очень скучная.\nНаркотики под названием \
Дмитрий Ефимов
Комментарий который никто не увидит.
Исаак Исаканов
Seoul u beautiful so ^^
Любовь Гавриленко
I'm from Ukraine 🇺🇦🇺🇦
Ростислав 228
*Кто русский, м?)*
Саша Гариков
Идеал песни
Світлана Бобош
Сергій Полюхович
Україна 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦
Танки Онлайн RuTank
Шторм Непоседа
Класссссссссссссс, просто Ух-ты! В голове припев крутится всё время!!!
Юлия Филатова
На каком скейтборде катается девушка? Хотя бы марку кто может подсказать?
оксана островская
Некоторые сюжеты в клипе из игры \
сергей фоменко
кто из 2018 ???7
сири 99 нян
Be Cool если с ошибок исправте
Location : Seoul, South Korea \nLong board Model : Choi Jin (instagram : @c.jiny) 모델 : 최진 \n0:00~0:37 Nearby Daelim Station , Seoul , South Korea : Subway Line no.2 2호선 대림역\n0:38~2:13 Myoung-Dong (Line No.4) 명동 4호선\n2:50~3:08 Nearby Chungmuro (Line No.3 and 4) 충무로 부근 (3호선, 4호선)
It’s Korea!! Not Japan!!!!!!! Not China!!!!!!