Kristina Pimenova - Transformation From 1 to 11 Years Old

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AbbyLove Savage
Like they say beautie is in the eye of the beholder she was marked beautiful... and i mark anyone who reads this comment gorgeous. In this case im the beholder.
Aleksa HD
Song name?
Alex Nobili
KRSTINA i love♥️
Alice Fragni
2:52 wait. She is really 11 ?! Omagad.
Amanda morris
linda menina, \njade Weber, laneya grace, etc...
Ana Anittta
She is so pretty, but her face is just ... unic, I don't speak well in English, but the top of her head ( I don't know how to tell it ) is so high and big, it is quiet special haha. And also, I think that she was cutest and maybe prettiest when she was younger because she was more ... fat ? Yes she was a kid, but now, we can see that she is sooo thin ... it's a bit a shame. But she's steel beautiful ! !!
Ana Luisa
Love Kristina
Anka Qnchova
i love you❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Arianna Torres
kristina is beautiful and adorable
Bence sárközi
I love you
Camila Garnica
Omg I look almost like her! I know you won’t believe me but she is almost exactly as me! (In appearence)
Chloe Chloe
You are so beautiful!
Cookie Fia
She's definitely pretty but that forehead!
Cute Utih Official
Ahhh cantikan Anastasiya Knyazeva
Diana Nazarevscky
The photos are just photoshopped and she wears too much makeup for her age. I don't hate her, just the people that edit the photos so freaking much!
Dona Maria Youssef
Edita Andorová
Lisa And Lena are prettier.
Edzio Kreda
Dobra dupeczka 10/10
Eli Agayev
Selena gomez daha da guzel
Elma Music
this is very stupid a lot of ppl says that she is the most beautiful girl in the world but why arent all kids beautiful for me all kids are beautiful i feel ugly now
Emily Lucy
Yes she is gorges and omg when she was little she was stunning but she started to wear makeup as she got older and without it wasn’t she gorges as she was when she was little. P.S no hate I think she’s absolutely amazingly stunning gorges and I agree she is by far one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen. And I’m sure she is just as gorges in the inside, we’ll at least I hope so because the inside is all that matters to me but I’m just saying I had so many beautiful friends were I’m only nearly as pretty as them in my dreams but they treat me like absolute garbage and are so fake and are nice to everyone popular or other people and then bag them in front of me, behind their backs and say omg who else thinks there like (me) aka Emily witch is me and it really hurts me I told someone once and they were really good friends with me but were not my friend anymore cause they thought I was jealous and then I have a few friends like me were very well what’s another word for ugly i guess u can say unattractive well all I’m gonna say is I’m so so so ugly but I won’t about my friends though and there just sooooo warm hearted that I’d die for them I love em so much and they would die for me or even a mean person so would I actually but still I would end myself if something happened to one of them. NOT SAYING KRISTINA IS THE SAME AT ALL SO PLEASE NO THAT
What music??
Fatouma Bayoumi
Wooooooow she is very beautiful.\nWooooooow elle est vraiment belle.\nJ'ai envie de la ressembler😍😍😘😘💋💋💓💓💕💕💜💜💙💙❤❤💞💞💝💖💟💘👑👍👏👋
She is pretty... but not the prettiest girl in the world
Gill Green
she is pretty child but there is a little makeup on her face at some photos in my opinion
Hari Neupane
Kristina is so cute!
Heather Wellson
I love you kristina! I always wanted to look like krsitina or elizabeth hiley♥
Irem Arpali
2:51 😍😍😍😍
Jackelin Cribillero
Se nota qla trataron como una vavosa princesa
Jale Carampin
I love Kristina Piemenova
James Lambertz
Kristina is pretty hot😍🔥 but im 10 so i guess\
Jasmine Goodine
sooo beautiful I love her💖💖💖
Joey's Black Brother
Lmao she's only 11 wait till puberty hits and you won't be calling her beautiful.
John carlo G. tomboc
kristina piminova cant please wacth the baby driver beacause im am artist
Kira Darian
She is so perfect 😭😭😭
LauraPixel 55
Fea no es fea pero no es la más guapa del mundo ya he visto chicas más lindas
Machozi Lubunga
beautiful girl
Macklsren Anastazja
0:29 She has a big forehead 😳🙅🏼\u200d♀️
Maddison Aldersea
She is so pretty
Mahatma savci abdul amran بدونك أنا لا شيء
Kristina no es tan bonito sólo porque se madelo se lo dicen
Maraya Borg
she is pretty
Maria Ouena
omg she is so bautiful i am a boy
MattyBRaps Fans
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Mirely Eliza Garza
I love her she is so cute even when she was little when she was 11 she looked very pretty i love her hair and eyes
Mohit Trivedi
0:26 stunning 😍
Muhammad Syahril
Do you have a honda?
Lol she is not even beautiful! \nMaybe she was when she was little but now she kind of looks ugly... that's what I mean when I say \
Nicholas Peralta
Nicole Urbanc
Sie sieht genau so aus wie andere Menschen
OMG billy
she looks normal to me
Our Little Secret
Song please ?
Princess Rau Cunanan
I hope she will not have plastic surgeries in the later years. she's so beautiful already
Princy ng
She is soo pretty!❤
It annoys me because there are millions of people in this world just as beautiful in this world, yet they don't get any attention for it.
Selah St julien
MATTYB I think I'm going to your concert on September 2nd and that's my birthday month and I went last year to 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘☺️☺️☺️☺️😊☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚
Selena Kalih
wow 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Shadow X
I feel like a rotting potato now
Sharmitha Ramachandran
Youre So Beautiful Kristina Pimenova
Sharon Martin
she is so pretty i cant beleve my eyes pritty like a butterfly
She is just Emy
I am going to cry four her bueaty
Sophia's Channel
Szymon Blajda
I'm Simon Walker
Tina Tanner
Song: On & On \nvon Cartoon
Veronica Castro
i love her eyes and hair so beautiful
Verry Anderson Lim
Beatiful i love you
Viki 100%
now she had a most of MAKE UP!!!
XxFortnite_Pro_GamerxX_ yt
I Love you Mattyb
sooo cute ,and pretty !!!
afef ouertani
she is soo beautulifull
aloha_ maya
My friend is kristins's cousin
bart sipmson thought,dreams,hope
Nani a creppy doll
bowl of rice down the stairs
she's not the most beautiful girl in the world. its like how everyone is not beautiful. so therefore she's not the most prettiest girl in the world, but she is really pretty.
charlie duncan
she's pretty not gonna like but not the worlds prettiest girl
chloe 56
Imagine if she had dark brown eyes and dark brown hair, would she still be as pretty as she is. (I’m not saying have dark hair and eyes is bad because I have dark hair and eyes I was just saying that it would change everything)
emiliano Gonzalez
Soy el único niño mexicano de aquí:v🇲🇽🇲🇽
kelly sawruk
Aww she is so beautiful
konvidial army
I Love you 😘
lil girl
Her forehead is brighter than my future.
md majid
Beautiful girl so so so
pardeep singh
she is the most beautiful girl in the world 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
ronaldo Caballero
sleiter lopez
she is
ssunyd is_awesome
What music did you use
ılayda aral
นัท ท.
What's music???