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Monde des petits est une chaîne Youtube dédiée aux plus jeunes. Des chansons, des histoires, des dessins animés mais aussi des vidéos d'apprentissage dans des petits clips animés et colorés. Un ensemble étudié pour les bébés ! Alors que vous soyez parents, grands-parents, enfants, ou même Maîtresse d'école maternelle, rejoignez-nous vite !Vidéo, graphismes et musique: Mondedespetits.fr

alphabet education french fruits learn lesson number vegetables vocabulary

Adrien Monnat
Les carottes sont cuites !
Ahmad Ahmad
Ahmad Hossen
فديو جيد للتعليم
my son can't read English at all but he's learning by the visual illustrations. I was thinking since this is for young kids they should interpret verbally in English. but my kiddo also has the benefit of having a bilingual (French&English) class room. if anyone has recommendations on any other classes, videos or just tips please let me know. we live in a small town and don't have many resources. I'm very inspired by his knowledge of French language and want to do anything to help but don't know French myself... help y'all! :)
Allie Gurung
am 27 years old eager to learn french as i feel odd man out when i go to france to see my boyfriend in a group. thank you so much that you exist :) merci beacoup
Amalia Emirova
Im learning french too
Amani Mamo
merci , thanks , Danke , شكرا
Amira Sakka
ممنوع الكتابي هنا
Amynata Diaby
thank you for my kids
Androw John
thanks for this video
Angie Is the best of the best
J'aime les fruits. J'aime les raisins aussi. Adore les jus du raisins. ^_^
Ariana Grande lover
It is so boring
Avinas Karuna
it is ok
Bella Guzman
merci!!!!!!!! thank you
Bruno Soares
I can speak portuguese and english and I'm starting to learn french as well. If someone wants to practice french or my help with the other languages please add me on skype! I could really use some help haha ^^\nbrunosleite92\nThanks!
Camo Liberty
Je aime ce vidéo il m'aide beaucoup a apprendre de parler Français je suis anglais et je beaucoup regarder ce vidéo mais je ne pas comprendre \
Caroline Ober
On est d'accord ça fait peur hein ?
Cha_ Army
Chez pas comment ils font pour apprendre le fr, même moi la conjugaison c'est ... 😵
Chefiri mouad
مضحك للغاية
Cindy Patrino
this video would be great if the words weren't written in cursive writing. cursive writing isn't taught until the earliest grade 3 and in most school systems it is no longer covered. a kindergarten kid learning french with some literacy skills would benefit from this being in printed words rather than cursive
thanks for upload this materials  are very useful   \nfrench is very cool language
Danielle Bew
love it
Evelyn grande
J’adore ce qu'il m’aide vraiment. im commence à devenir français et j’espère im ne pas l’orthographe ce tort
Falcon Peregrine
Since I do not know french and only been studying it for a week now. I really wished the video repeated the words with a slo-mo pronunciation and then the regular pace again and then a new word. However, I will be watching this video again until i get familiar with this list.
Fatima Mahmoud
and it is very good for the schools
Fidele Amoussou
Jaime bien regarder cette vidéo elle fait rire et me rappelle mes années scolaire
Flor Vlogs
Gayane Sargsyan
rfeyhxxftyпнп\nагчн 📣📢🔇📣🔉🎹🎸🎺🎻🐑
Gaëtan Hauchard
c'est drôle car je comprends tout :-)
Gábor Renyhárt
Many of you wants to get the english translate...\nHowever when we were children, when we learned our mother tongue, we didn't have any help with words.\nWe saw a carrot, and we were teached: It's a carrot. And we learned it.\nNow, in this video we can see the picture of a carrot, and we know: la carotte.\nAt the seasons and months we can see the background...
Heather Shaw
super awesome my favorite fruit is la fraise
Ilse Bnl
You forget the hamster
It's Your bio Tiger. Cub
Japan Alexy Project
Premièrement c'est pas Oute c'est Août !\nDeuxièmement, je parle déjà le français :D
Judith Condren
I need to learn French and like your video very much!
Kadour Besselma
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
Kai Zhou
tomatoes are fruit, as by the supreme court of Canada
Khadija Lolo
Konar 1898
some french words that I know\nbonjour\nmerci\nbien\ntres bien \ncomme ci comme ca\nMal \nCa Va \nAu revoir\nA bientot\nSalut\nbon soir\nMadame\nMonsoir
Le Français
Je suis Français, pourquoi je regarde cette vidéo ? \n\nAidez moi xD
Learn French
learn French words with pronunciation, translation
Leprachaun Borads
bonne chance pour apprendre la langue la plus dur.
Libre Kis
افلام زي وجوهكم
Lilas Zeroug
Luana Penedo
J'ai 23 ans et j'ai adoré cette video ! Je suis brésilienne et je suis étudiante de français ! Très chou !
Ludivine Vangeyte
Bonsoir, je suis vraiment fan de vos vidéos depuis la première vidéo, cependant je trouve ça très décevant de retrouver la tomate dans la catégorie \
Mark Cerisano
soo cool !
Maxima Vandersanden
this is ... much harder than I expected. I forgot everything. Almost.
Michael Perry
Mimi Houda
تعلم جيدا
Mà-Nèl TobRàck
c t bien pour les enfants
Nancy Escobar
El nombre de su casa y no me siguen pareciendo una nueva etapa del año pasado y no me gusta mucho más fácil que es una de las personas
Neegin Nazir
he's learning so much😊😊😉
Nhung Ngo
Hi everyone, I love French, and I hope someone help me, please. My skype nhungngo5488. I am looking forward to see your contact!
Noella Bissi
moi. j'ai me. bien
Nounour Aouchiche
j'ai bien aimer la vidéo cool
Oussama Djerad
لن انتمي اليها
Owen Jalali
Pamela Reilly
Thank you. Sometimes I think the level for children can help adult students like me. Still, practice makes perfect even at this level. I would also like to find French dvd movies with French subtitles. They are not easy to find. Most movies have English subtitles.
Pedro L Castro Tavares
There is a mistake in the video. \
j'adore ça
Samir a Kiki
cava ben 👌👏
Sophia Zhang
Bonjour.I'm Sophia from China.I can say English and i m learnning française now.wish i could found a friend who could help me with my poor French by using English.BTW,if someone is interested in learning Chinese,I'll do my best to help him or her,lol.Merci beaucoup pour your kindness.😀
Ssss S
Pleace, tell me a good site for learning french.
Theo Mnc
I'm french and I can help you. If you have any questions, please ask.
Toddler Activities
Delicious fruit I kids learn french with.
Uber Jin
mdr c francé xD
Vi Som Elsker
Merci beaucoup!
Victoria Reyes
This doesn't help at all, mostly for grades under 2 stupid.. Some people don't know cursive. So HOW WILL THEY LEARN THIS?!!!!!!!
Wiame Bellile
sai molto brava e le lezioni sono divertentissime
Wolfie -Senpai
I'll love French
me vale madre voy a publicar en español,  me gusta mucho este video a pesar de que es para niños ya que contiene conceptos básicos bien explicados y sencillos 
Youk Jak
asma amri
bibars bibars
eng. emoo
very nice
fire phantom
Quand tu parles francais et que tu regardes cette vidéo.PTDR.Oh putain
hamid cheraba
دي مبارك كل عام وانتم بخر
mariem kh
j'aime bien ce vidéo merci beaucoup ce genre de vidéo est très efficace pour les enfants
nameless thinker
French is an astounding language I'd love to learn it for fun, now I know a lot of vocabulary thank you so much for this helpful video 😍❤
paola amezcuaa
J'ai aimé cette vidéo, merci :D j'ai rappelé bcp d'information :D 
raide chenite
rosa souma
said fawzi
je pense que les seules personnes qui peuvent commentaient ici sont soit les étudiants,les parents,ou les pédophile .Attendez qu'est ce que je fout ici ? O_o
j'aime sa voix
Is this meant to teach those who speak french already or other languages want to learn French. I think if it aims to teach other language speakers like English there should be a English name against french one, like on days of week, which is which, which day u start from? At least on fruits & veg u can guess by picture
yacine _SD
zehraa 17
Знания Wissen Knowledge
merci !!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
احمد عبدالرؤف
ملاك زوجي