Croissants / by Michael Lim

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Official Belmerlion Website: www.belmerlion.comFacebook Page: This is one of the most challenging and longest video recipe I ever made. That means I had invested a lot of time and energy into it. Be slow to criticise and fast to appreciate. It is not a easy recipe for any beginner to execute. It needs a lot of skills and patient. The brain is one of the most valuable things given to you in life. So use it while you still can. This tutorial video is a guide to help you achieve and improve your knowledge and your baking skill, and is NOT a guarantee to your success. I won’t be answering questions asking me why you failed. Only you should know what and how you did it that failed you. Without me actually staying beside you and guiding you through the whole process in real live, there is no way I can seriously help you and answering your question. This is a pretty informative video. Watch carefully and use your common sense. There will be a update video for this recipe next, so stay tuned. I wish you all the best for making this recipe. Last but not least, remember each failure you made is a knowledge you gain. Good luck and success. Happy New Year to you all! Much love, Michael.

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